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Temps and Fishing Heat Up at Striker’s Point Lodge

This past week here at Striker’s Point Lodge started out a little slow with just two guests, Jerry Knoblauch and Peter Souch who declared that they were “pike fishermen.” They were catching 40-50 a day, with the largest being a thirty-eight inch big girl. The words they used to describe the fishing were, “… those darn walleye just wouldn’t stay away” – so they caught lots of wally’s as well. This slow time also gave our staff a chance to do a little fishing and cook a shore lunch…and we rediscovered that shore lunch really is quite a treat.

Oh well – back to work – by  the end of the week things turned out to be more hectic for us – with 13 guests arriving last Saturday. We have the Shiree’s from Michigan, back for their second time this year and ten in the Landheer family – also from Michigan. The Landheer’s are a family that has been here every year for nearly a decade. Within a hour on the water Dave landed a 43-inch pike –  what a way to start the trip!

Bill & Marg, Wilderness North staffMy husband and co-manager, Bill, has measured the water levels once again and it is up 14-inches in three weeks. This does change the look of the lake a little with those big rocks that have been showing all summer now disappearing – which means we have to get those markers out there to protect the props on our motors.

…Marg Carroll

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