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Taking Care of Business…Everyday!

Wilderness North guide staff(No this is not Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s concept.)
I was reading a column by Pete Maina this past week. Pete is a young guy with his own Outdoor TV show here in Ontario. That’s his photo with a large muskie in a landing cradle. His comment: that the business of introducing guests to the Canadian wilderness by stating “it’s all about the fishery” is spot on. So I reviewed some of my old class notes from Sir Stanford Fleming College just to make sure my head was in the right place when it comes to protecting this great resource we all share.

I have prepared both a podcast and a downloadable short paper to share with you on preserving our boreal forest fisheries. Both discuss what Mother Nature contributes to the making of a great fishery, and what we can do as stewards of the wilderness to keep it great. Click here to listen to the podcast. Or download your own copy of “Tyler Lancaster talks about Fisheries” here.

Tight Lines,

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