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Tail Hook a dying minnow?

Chris Clemmons, WN writer 2007Yes, thaťs a great idea, especially for slightly suspended walleye.  We did real good on Broats with a floating jig and
sucker last year. If you want even more struggle, try hooking the minnow in the tail with a floater and trolling him backwards.  When a minnow is dying, it often struggles to keep from sinking to the bottom so iťs constantly swimming up in bursts, then falling back towards the bottom. This is a signal to walleye for an easy meal.  A tail hooked minnow on a floater will resemble the same thing.  As you troll and pull your rod forward, your floating jig and minnow will be forced towards the bottom.  However, as you let your rod back and let off pressure, your minnow will try to swim, and the floater will take him up just like a wounded or dying minnow would appear.

Take care.
Chris Clemmons

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