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Shorelunch Surf n Turf

And they said that size doesn’t matter. But, we all know it does!
In the fishing world, size is important for many reasons. The first and foremost is of course bragging rights. Many groups head up north with planned competitions and prizes for the largest fish. The thrill of the hunt brings out the best (and sometimes worst) in most anglers. On the flip side, you should also consider size when preparing for the day’s shore lunch.
Everyone gets excited when they reel in that beaut of a walleye—more often than not a nice one in the 18-22 inch range. Nice eater, some may think. The answer to that? WRONG.

Why? Let’s be honest. Big fish -What’s the reason that fish are big? AGE. The best eaters, no doubt are those lovelies in the 13-15 inch range. Tender little morsels, just waiting to become the next shore lunch. Face it, those big ones, just aren’t as tasty as the little ones. The same theory can be applied to beef. When you’re grilling a steak, do you want the biggest (oldest) cow out there? Heck no!

Ok, that might have been a teeny, tiny rant, but I am only concerned for you, my culinary people, getting the best eating experience. All this talk of beef and walleye leads me to this week’s treasure.

Shorelunch Surf and Turf!

As I’ve mentioned before, nothing tastes better than a meal cooked over an open fire. The options are endless. Cooking the perfect steak is an art. Everyone seems to have their own ideas on how to do so.
When it comes to grilling a steak for me, I prefer it simple. Fresh ground pepperfresh ground sea salt. That’s it. Some people like to put oil on as well, but I don’t think it’s necessary. If you want to oil your steak before grilling, stay away from Olive as it gives the meat a wonky taste when the heat is applied to it. Make sure the meat is dry, season it, and grill to your preferred level of done-ness (Med-rare for me 😉 )

I did a little research about wood to use for fires, the only info I found that pertained to cooking in the boreal forest was to stay away from spruce because the resin in the wood created a black smoke that left an unpleasant taste. I would recommend frying directly on an appropriate grate and grilling when the coals are just right. Fry your walleye (or other fish) simultaneously in a frying pan while grilling your steaks. Add some fried potatoes, onions, and maybe some corn and you have a feast fit for a king (or queen!).

Happy cooking,

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