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Superior Weather

Duluth photo montageWe have come across a great magazine article about weather. It is, in fact, the cover story in the March issue of Lake Superior Magazine, published in Duluth our sister city in the U.S. Here are some interesting topics covered:

  • Lake Effect Weather 101 –   It’s not the lake, but the location.
  • The Point of No Return – where on Superior the “no shore in sight” zone is located with the potential of 20 foot or higher waves.
  • Weather Terms: All factors that play into weather talk.
  • Wawa Ontario’s Naturally Superior Adventures, photo workshops.

The story is in the current edition of Lake Superior Magazine, and you may learn more at their website by clicking here.The story is NOT yet available in the digital format, however it will be in about a 20 days, at which time we can send you a link to the whole story if you request it by clicking here.

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