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Sunny and Rainy Days Rotate – Fall Looms

Graham Saunders WN weathermanI see a cloudy afternoon today, with light showers overnight. Showers continue into the morning with a good chance of thundershowers late Thursday and into Friday. Rain diminishes on late Friday with a nice weekend, sunny and warm, for Saturday and Sunday. By late Monday clouds move back in with showers overnight into next Tuesday.

It is true the days are getting a bit shorter – about two minutes – each day, and with less light the birch trees are turning yellow. So although it seems early, this can be the onset of fall.

Did you know? – The changing of the colour in the leaves is more the absence of chlorophyll brought on by not only shorter days, but the lack of moisture and colder temps, and not Jack Frost and his legendary paintbrushes. I’ll tell you more in my podcast. For more info here’s an article on fall colours.

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