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Summer, Where Are You?

Wilderness North WeathermanSummer continues to be “hesitant.” Clouds and cool temperatures prevailed most days last week. In spite of considerable cloudiness, showers were infrequent, with only minor rainfall amounts. Windy conditions, especially mid- and later-afternoon, demanded some caution with navigation on the lakes.

Yesterday’s sunshine and warm temperatures will slowly return later in the week. Expect clouds and some moderate rain showers today and tomorrow. Friday will have occasional showers and Saturday should see a return to mix of sun and clouds. Sunday and Monday are likely to feature sun and warmer conditions.

Three men from Ponca City, Oklahoma are dead after a tornado ripped their cabin at a summer fishing camp from its foundation on July 9 about 8:30 p.m. Two cabins near Lac Seul in Northwestern Ontario were completely destroyed. Shards of lumber and roofing was scattered along the shoreline and far into the water.

A path of downed trees, 100 feet wide in places, marked the tornado’s path and continued across islands and peninsulas of Lac Seul. Staff from Environment Canada surveyed the scene the next day and, based on the visual damage, classified the tornado as an F2, with wind speeds between 180 and 240 kilometres an hour (113 to 157 mph).

The system continued through the Northwest. Intense storms were witnessed at all of the Wilderness North lodges but no damage or injuries were reported. Tornadoes are uncommon in Northwestern Ontario. About one is confirmed each year in an area nearly three times larger than the state of Oklahoma.

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