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Summer Time, and the Feeling is Easy

Graham Saunders WN weathermanAfternoon temperatures in the previous seven days were mainly in the 70s F (around 25 C) although some locations experienced highs up to 84 F (30 C) on two of those days. There were showers and some thunderstorms during the period but they usually were scattered and of short duration. At times they produced considerable wind bursts and downpours especially at our Armstrong base camp and points east.

If you liked last week’s weather, get ready for something similar this coming week. Hot and sticky. Temperatures will be near 80 F (27 C) today and in the 70s F (22 to 26 C) in the following days. Showers are likely on most days but generally will be of short duration. This all seems more like Florida than Ontario!

Wilderness North lodges and outposts had a comfortable distance from severe weather last week – and probably this week. Manitoba to the west, southern Ontario to the southeast and parts of the American Midwest have been coping with heat advisories and flooding situations. Some regional forest fires are burning but expected rain this week should be enough to maintain a distance.

It is likely that you will need both sun screen and rain suits all on the same day during your fishing this coming week.
Graham Saunders

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