Wilderness North's weather outlook for those on the water

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Summer Sunshine :)

The spring season usually presents extremes and variety because it is a transition from winter to summer. The winter component was more prolonged that typical this year. Most weather forecasts had “cool” and or “frost” with mentions of precipitation in the wording.

Enough of a reminder of the past, let’s move on as this week’s forecast offers mainly clear skies and dry conditions during the week for Thunder Bay, Armstrong, and other points north. It is good weather timing for Canada Day on July 1 and U.S. Independence Day on July 4. Expect temperatures to range between 75 and 84° F (24 to 30° C) for the rest of the week. A little more cloud looks likely late in the week and occasional brief showers might make an appearance from Friday to Sunday. It sounds like an extended period of ideal outdoor weather; it’s been a while since I have made such a forecast. Of course, bright sunshine and warm temperatures dry out the landscape quite quickly, so use even more caution with fires.

Enjoy the weather,
Graham Saunders

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