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Summer Sizzles – So Does Fishing on Whitewater Lake

Ryan Lacey, Wilderness North guideHello from Striker’s Point Lodge.
This week we have had some beautiful summer weather, hot temperatures, and mirror like waters. The Weber group from Minnesota joined us for a return fishing adventure, and what an adventure it was. On their second day, Mark got into some large walleye – pulling in a very respectable 26.5-inch  Master Angler trophy walleye, and soon after, friend “Doc”, caught and released an estimated  25-inch glass eye while trolling the north shoreline of Caribou Bay – also getting into some aggressive northern pike, the biggest reaching 35-inches. They enjoyed fresh shore lunches daily, while chatting with our staff here at Striker’s Point Lodge.

Wilderness North fly in FishingFather and sons, the Cannings of Massachusetts returned for another trip to Whitewater Lake. Ken, Keith, and Scott had no troubles remembering the hot spots and finding the fish. The guys enjoyed their successful angling, and the great summer the weather. In addition to catching their daily shore lunch fish, the guys also got into some very aggressive pike. Keith was happy about his 32-inch northern, and will have something to brag about back home in Boston.

The “amazing”  Detjen group from Wisconsin flew in ready for the fish. Ron, Jim, and first time fishermen to Striker’s, Leon and Terry, had an amazing trip. Overall, they estimated that 1500 plus walleye were caught by the two boats over a four day span, and from what I’ve seen, I don’t doubt it one bit. This is especially remarkable with the still waters and hot temperatures. Fishing with various jigs tipped with a live minnow, they caught shore lunch fish within minutes and had double, triple and even quadruple hitters. Fishing their favourite spots as well as discovering new honey holes, most of their time was spent in the eastern river outflow. Jim managed to get his trophy northern. Measuring in at 44.5-inches, the huge pike was caught near the rockwall down river on a 1/8 oz. jig and banjo minnow. I am always amazed by these fantastic fisherman, it will be hard to beat this year’s trip but they will give a shot next year, and we look forward to having them again.

Speaking of first timer’s, Randy and son Jason from Minneapolis enjoyed their first ever first fly-in fishing trip. Their quick three day trip went by fast spending most of their time fishing main lake island points with good luck despite flat water. But now the weather has changed, we’ve been having some cold windy days on the lake with the familiar walleye chop that Striker’s is known for.

Northern Ontario trophy pike fishingTo Clear the Record: Last week I mentioned that a 46-inch northern was our best of the year so far – OOPS.  Larry Blankenship reminded me of his reported 50 and 1/8 incher…and this 47-inch beauty caught by Mike Mullins. Larry’s group was here the last week of May – which today seems like a lifetime ago. Sorry, Larry…
and “now you know the rest of the story.”
…Ryan Lacey

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