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Summer Patterns Deliver Big

Machawaian Outpost, Wilderness North fly insMachawaian Lake’s remote cabin – north of the Albany River – proved to be another hotspot after a month long hiatus from my fishing report. The Menza group from the great state of Michigan went in last week and left behind “over 2,000” sore-lipped walleyes. This eight man crew always does well and showed again why Machawaian Outpost is an up and coming destination. The numbers for this group for the week are remarkable: Over 2,000 fish for the week, about a dozen 24-25-inch fish and over 500 between 21 and 23 inches. These are good, thick fish! Drifting and back trolling with crawler harnesses and Rapalas were the key. This is Michigan style fishing at its finest. Way to go guys!!!

Dawn and Dave of Missouri had a “vacation of a lifetime” while celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with us. After enjoying a nice bottle of wine at base camp (a gift from their daughter back home), they were off to Dawn Lake.  It didn’t take long for them to see why this is a popular remote cabin destination. After a week in the Canadian wilderness and hundreds of scrappy walleye and pike, they are all set for a return next year. We can’t wait to see you again in 2011!

The Anthony party from Illinois reported that fishing at ZigZag was “as advertised.”  They found fish in the usual locations (moving water) and at the usual depths (3-12 feet). This lake continues to flex its muscles. For example: on a recent “cleaning day” the staff went in to tidy things up and managed to get in an hour on the water. After landing a 43-inch pike, they were on the plane heading back to base camp in Armstrong.  Anyone think this was “Walter?”

Bob from Thunder Bay, left Dawn Lake just yesterday and reported that the fish “have gone deep.”  With the recent warming trend, this is no surprise. He was able to locate walleyes in the deepest areas of the lake. Angling was hot in the early morning hours and late evening as expected. The weather appears to be getting a bit cooler which should help fishing a little bit.  Please remember to pack accordingly. Prepare for everything and dress in layers.

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistI look forward to hearing from y’all soon
…Joe Pichey -Outdoor Specialist

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