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Summer Jig Patterns Emerge on Whitewater Lake

Tyler -spring fishing on Caribou LakeThere was not much pressure put on the fish in Whitewater Lake this week at either Striker’s Point or Whitewater Lodge. The weather was windy and rainy most of the week.

Despite the nasty chop and the sunless sky, the Crane group and the Wenzel group had great success. Tim Crane’s 26in Walleye off the dock was the trophy of the week. Al Taylor’s 24in Walleye was also a beauty. Both were taken on jigs.

The Wenzel brothers from Wisconsin have been to Striker’s about eight times and came up with some rather remarkable “number days.”  They had 100 by lunch on their second morning at points just inside the river outflow, only minutes from the dock at Striker’s Point Lodge.

Walleye seem to be congregating now at mid-lake structure such as reefs, sunken islands, or at sudden humps that rise from flat, open expanses. This can be a very good time to catch Walleye.  Often a nice breeze can help you to drift over these pieces of structure, while dragging a jig from the windward side of your boat. Drift fishing allows you to cover more water, faster, and also to find the productive part of a reef more quickly.
…Tyler Lancaster

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