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Summer Fishing Still Sizzling

Wilderness North Master Anglers July 25, 2006As for Master Anglers, Hawk Mahoney of Wisconsin had a nice 41” Pike caught in the southern areas of Ogoki Lake. And like about 50% of trophy pike fisherman, he was using a jig and leech combo in his hunt for Walleye when he reeled in the Pike. Another member of his group, Joe Sutter of Wisconsin had a 43” pike (purple Rapala) and a 29” walleye (Jig and Leech).

Congrats also to Dale Lubs for his 40.5 Pike caught at Mojikit Lake on a spinner bait.

From Mojikit Channel lodge to our Ogoki Lake outpost cabins, our guests continue to report mostly good fishing. But we have had some strong fronts push through that slow the walleye fishing down to 30-50 a day on lakes which might normally produce nearly 100. With stable weather following they all bounce back in a day or two. We also have had mostly clear high skies and those cold front techniques we discussed (6/27 issue), can really pay off good.

Last week I closed with a comment about our area fire fighters and mentioned that Burning Bans could happen any time, since we have had some rain but not a lot. The day after we posted the letter to the website we were notified of the burning ban…so No Open Fires for cooking or camping.

Good Fishing,

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