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Success on Whitewater Lake

Proving that you don’t have to go far for great fishing, Stuart, Tim & Robert and their party stayed to the right of the lodge fishing the point across from the Bay of Pigs and up a bit. Using jigs baited with worms and leeches, they caught 200 walleyes one day.

The multi-generation party of Mike, Max & his grandpas (header image) went up to the narrows where the family group caught lots of pike averaging 33-36in and walleye from 23-28in on worms and leeches as well. With great fishing weather, and a steady breeze to keep the flag flying stiff as a board, it was easy to catch keepers for shore lunch as they seemed to be in a feeding frenzy.

Another group of dads and lads, also fished the narrows with great success catching lots of pike and a whitefish. Guided by Brian B, Tanner  landed a monster pike on a white jig with live bait about 10ft from shore. Gunning for his second trophy northern, he hooked another but it broke his line -proof that wire leaders make all the difference with trophy pike. It was a great week at Striker’s; all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed their trips.

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The staff at Striker’s

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