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Striker’s Scores

What a week it’s been! August 14th through to the 17th at Strikers Point Lodge the fish were plentiful. The Ogoki River near what we call “The Wall” was action packed with fish lurking at a depth of 15 feet.

Live bait such as worms and grubs got the fish biting, but it was Jigs, Rapalas and Spinners that excited the walleye and pike. At the rapids those lures worked like a charm, but it was the use of a Hot n’ Tot lure that made a splash. With its dancing motions and unpredictable movements, the walleye had no second thoughts about taking this artificial bait. Dan M had his day with a 40inch pike in Dead End Bay. Like a champ he hoisted his huge catch into the boat. Allowing the man in his corner to snap a photo. This wasn’t going to become another fish story (Photo above).

A large group from parts all over the world spent the week with us at Strikers Point Lodge. These men were from cuts of a different cloth. Although each one had something in common, they had fishing and an all around good time in mind.

Days were spent on the lake visiting marked fishing holes and locating new spots to land lunkers. Evenings were spent on the deck of the main lodge with a cool drink and the sharing of the day’s battles.

When the playing cards came out, games like Cribbage and Euchre kept the laughs coming into the night. When the mood slowed some chose to turn in, allowing the loon’s call to somber them asleep. Others chose to kick back and listen to a friend take requests on his acoustic guitar.

I quote more then one person from this group with “it wasn’t just the great fishing that made this trip memorable, but the experience as a whole” I must agree. When you’re on vacation it’s not the destination, but the journey.

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