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SPL Guest Lands Giant Pike – Now it’s Spring!

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutPeggy Cabe was rewarded for her long trip from Florida to our Striker’s Point Lodge on the eastern end of Whitewater Lake, in the heart of Wabakimi Provincial Park. She reeled in a  45 inch Northern Pike on a leech fly in what we call “The Bay of Pigs,” just five minutes from the lodge at the mouth of the Ogoki outlet.

The Kalgren party from Minnesota were on Walleye with 100+ fish days at areas like the narrows and the flowing water around Burnt Island. Their biggest Wally measured in at 27 inches. Burnt island was hit by lightning about a dozen years ago, and every tree burned to the ground. Today birch saplings are about six feet tall, and black bears often swim out to the island for prime blueberry picking.

The Brown Party finished off their trip with an outstanding last day of fishing which included a 41, 40, and 37 inch Pike, along with an ample amount of Walleye. It seems that the fish are already on the move, making their way to their summer haunts.
…Tyler Lancaster

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