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Striker’s Adds to the Master Angler Board

After this past week at Strikers Point Lodge we can happily congratulate three Master Anglers. John M. was our first master angler snagging a beautiful 28 inch walleye, followed by our very own SPL guide/ dockhand Mark who reeled in a gorgeous 44 inch northern, and last but not least Jon T. landed a very nice 40.5 inch pike. In addition to the trophy fish that were reeled in, guests did extremely well bringing in countless walleye. This week has been very productive for fishing. Fishing along Burnt Island and the island southeast of the lodge, John & Scott landed some very nice sized walleye ranging from 17 to 23 inches. They mainly used various coloured jigs and night crawlers casting into about 14 feet of water close to shore.

Ken, Mark and family had a very successful fishing trip also fishing at the southeast island, the Bay of Pigs, down river on the way to the rapids, and off of the first point of the island north of the lodge. Each of these areas made for some very fast action fishing as they were reeling in countless walleye ranging from 16 to 24 inches. Anticipating shore lunch, they had a few walleye on the stringer until a giant lake monster came up for a meal ripping a 22 incher clean off. Now there’s something to whet your appetite for a trophy fish! Trolling and drifting in around 12-17 feet of water, this family caught their fish on various coloured jigs, twin tale grubs, night crawlers, leeches, and minnows.

Braving the lousy weather, George and Susan did fairly well reeling in a few nice walleye between 17 and 22 inches, and a couple of 26 inch Northern Pike. Using jigs with florescent pink & green grubs, and rapalas they tried some different areas like Mice Creek, Duck Island, and around Burnt Island, but had most of their luck at the island southeast of the lodge. Apparently this is the place to be for anglers.

The three generation team of Ken, Jon & Ben (see feature image),  also had a very successful fishing trip. They did a lot of fishing up river, hit the island north of the lodge, and headed down river towards the rapids. Different colored jigs, power grubs, emerald shiners, minnows, and some night crawlers made for very fast action fishing and sore arms from reeling in healthy walleye between 16 to 20 inches. The fish were mainly caught in about 14 feet of water.

With summer in full swing the fish are biting, and so are the mosquitoes. Remember to pack some bug spray with your fishing rods and get ready to add your name to our Master Angler wall of fame.

Jordan Tennier

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