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Spring has Sprung!

I have been harping on themes of unseasonable weather for ages this spring. This is not news to many of you but temperatures have been well below normal and snow, while not unusual at all in April, has come in major heaps. Accumulations have ranged between unusual and record amounts.

The forecasts generally have been close with actual temperatures – brrr, with numbers that confirm this. The predicting and timing of snow has been close but amounts were often underestimated in the forecasts. Partly this is because models adjust to the time of the year; temperatures that are above freezing result in rain and if they fall 2 or 3 degrees below freezing, it can be snow.

It seems like this spell of unusual weather conditions was broken this recent weekend. The maximum was at or near 80° F/27° C in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul and highs of 65 to 70° F/18 to 18 to 21° C were recorded as far north as Geraldton. Perhaps spring has finally sprung!

“Cooler by the lake” is a handy phrase for forecasters this time of the year. Bright sunshine and lighter winds usually result in cool conditions near to Lakes Superior and Nipigon. This cooling or lake effect can sometimes bring about unwanted precipitation. The temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will be cool overnight which could translate into a few snow flurries in Minnesota and around Thunder Bay. In Armstrong, Geraldton and further north this could mean minor accumulations. All in all, the next week looks seasonal for this time of the year.


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