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Striker’s Guests Strike Master Angler Gold – Again!

2010 Master Angler's at Striker's, Wilderness NorthThe Taylor group from Florida – mentioned in last week’s report – finished up their adventure with us here at Striker’s Point Lodge, and what an adventure it was. They managed to catch lots of walleye with most of their luck coming from down (eastern) river where Alan was able to land a great looking 41 inch master angler northern pike, using a Lucky Craft perch coloured crank bait. He also caught lots of small northerns on many different lures, varying in colour and styles.

Klaus and Kyle from Illinois enjoyed some great fishing during their stay. I guided them on their second day and we caught 70 plus walleye, the biggest reaching up to 21 inches. The Henke’s were fishing in the narrows using gold and silver Williams whitefish spoons. I got snapped off by something that hit hard. Thinking optimistically, they decided one more drift through was in order, and on the last cast Klaus was able to hook into a 38 inch northern. He then passed it off to his son Kyle to enjoy the fight. The pike was successfully netted and was still full of energy once released.

The Mullally group  AKA as “The Mullally Boys” from upstate New York came over for their fifth straight fishing trip at Striker’s Point. Everyday they caught loads of fish, mostly coming from down river. Young Zac had a great time and had no problems catching fish and keeping up. Their favourite spot this fishing trip was the rock wall down river, as well the classic island straight out from the lodge. On their last day, Pat was able to land a healthy 38 inch northern and Tim a 34 incher. They had another great trip here at Striker’s and we all look forward to seeing Mike and the boys back next year.

Father and son, Dan and Jake of Ann Arbor, Michigan, experienced Whitewater Lake for their first time, and did very well. The avid pike fishermen landed a gorgeous – master angler – 44 inch northern pike on their second day here.
The Gilling group of Tulsa, Oklahoma came up for another fishing trip on Whitewater Lake. They had lots of success on orange and pink jigs, dressed with leeches. They had most of their luck fishing down river near the large grass island in the center of the outflow river and at the top of the pool near the eastern most rapids. Fishing just north of Best Island, Paul had been bitten off by a large pike, but later Eric was able to catch it with Paul’s jig and leech still hooked. A 20 inch walleye was also caught soon after.

Ryan Lacey, Wilderness North guide….Ryan Lacey

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