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SPL Guests are on the Walleye

Since our season opener, the water has dropped a few inches and warmed up a few degrees. Dropping multi coloured crank baits, deep divers, thunder sticks, and assorted jigs tipped with minnows in 12 to 14 feet of water seems to be the magic combination. Testing out this theory proved to be very successful even when I was fishing right off the dock and yes there is still about 12-14 feet of water in front of the dock. I pulled in some nice walleye around 18 inches long using a dark propeller jig and a night crawler which seemed to work wonders.

Fairing some pretty miserable weather this past week at Striker’s, guests continued to slay the walleye. Their divide and conquer approach to Whitewater Lake seemed to pay off; some nice sized catches from completely different spots around the lake were recorded this past week. A duo in one of the boats tried their luck at casting flies around the Bay of Pigs and refined their craft further down river towards the rapids. Their efforts paid off handsomely, resulting in several Northern’s averaging 32 inches -a big fish on an eight weight fly rod and loads of fun. My guess is that this presentation later in the summer will find even heftier pike. It seems the real big ones are still spending the better part of the day cruising along the schools of walleye.

Others wet their lines closer to the lodge at familiar fishing holes around Best Island and the eastern shoreline. Medium to fast action fishing produced numerous walleye averaging 16 -18 inches and tasty shore lunches.

Not everyone was able to claim their prized Master Angler; however, the laughs and the times shared singing and playing guitar helped eased the pain. I guess that is what next year is all about. They say, never stop trying, never stop believing, and never give up because your day will come! We will be right there to share those moments with you.

Cheers to a great week,
Jordan Tennier

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