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Something Old, Something New, and did I Mention it’s Cold?

Tyler Winter Steelhead, Wilderness North guideAn “old” hook, a “new” rod, and a hand crafted lure from British Columbia.
But first – Wow! It’s cold. I have had the chance to do a bit of ice fishing, but, as Graham will prove with his review of the records, it is really cold this Winter and there’s lot’s of snow. At minus 35 the temp is the same F or C, and it’s been down around those numbers a lot in January. If you forgot your gloves that’s bad. If you like strong winter roads, and deep ice, it’s good. So we’ll grin … but we won’t bare it. 🙂

Wilderness North fishingI have a podcast for you, in which I chat about the Mustad hook, called the “Slow Death” and how to rig it… now it’s not a new product, but it’s Mustad finding a new life among walleye anglers wanting to make sure their live bait, especially night crawlers, are in the strike zone just off the bottom. I have also found an entire new line of lighter, stronger fishing rods. The voltaeus being introduced by Shimano are, surprisingly enough, moderately priced with no rod in the line over $60 dollars. I chat about them too in the podcast, or you can visit the Shimano website. Lastly I recently came across a new lure made out in B.C. It’s called Baitrix Baitfish Tunables and I will tell you more in the podcast.

BTW – Field and Stream for February 2009 has announced it’s 15 “killer” new lures for the 2009 season. At the top? – YUM’s Money Craw. Following in order: 2. The Diawa Chugger Minnow; 3. Mepps Deeprunner Spinner; 4. Bass Pro’s Nitro Shad Dancer; and 5. Gene Larew’s Biffle-O-Lizard. I believe these lures are more likely to be targeted at bass, not our northern species. However, I am interested in your “top three” lures for both walleye and pike; send me an e-mail.

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