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So How Did You Do It?

Chris Clemmons, Wilderness North resource staffThanks to every one who has written or called about last weekend. Most have asked, “So how did you do it?”
We had never seen or fished Devil’s Lake before. The lake is a 122,000 acre monstrosity with tons of flooded wood rimming the shoreline. With the lake being that big, we decided to concentrate more of our practice efforts in one bay which was 5 miles long and 2 miles wide. We kind of looked at the bay as if it were it’s own lake.

However, the key to our success was when we started thinking of this bay as if it were a Canadian lake (like Whitewater). When we considered the time of year and looked at our map, we figured the larger walleye would be relating to points, near deep water, like they often do in Canada this time of year. In other words, even though Devil’s Lake looked much different than Whitewater from the water’s surface, we looked for similarities below the surface. What brought it all together was when our point, near the deep water, had hundreds of trees on it. The big walleye would come up out of the deep water onto the point, to feed in the timber. (I even thought of the Ogoki Reservoir while out there and if the structures and presentations would be similar.) I imagine they probably would be similar and some future Ogoki guests could take advantage of some of the things Bob and I learned while fishing the timber.

But still folks want to know how we figured it out. So here’s the truth: what just happened was 1 part skill, 2 parts luck and 3 parts help from the Big Guy upstairs. It truly seemed beyond our control and things just fell into place.
…Chris Clemmons

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