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Six More Master Anglers at Striker’s Point Lodge

What a great week we had up here at Striker’s Point Lodge. We entertained the Landheer group of ten coming out of Michigan. We were also pleased to welcome John and Ed who made the long haul from Pennsylvania. Our other group of four consisted of father and son Mark and Daniel from Minnesota and father and son Doc and Jay Syers out of D.C.

The weather was finally co-operative which allowed for long days and nights of angling, which in turn resulted in large numbers of fish being caught including some real nice trophies. Ben ended up with a 40 and a 42-inch pike, one taken on a jointed Rapala in five feet of water and one on a “Williams Whitefish” in the “Bay of Pigs,” also in relatively shallow water. Dave tallied 38 and 44-inch beauties, both of which were taken on “Williams Whitefish” down river. Dave’s future son-in-law fell just shy with his 38-inch northern, which surprisingly (or not) also came on a “Williams Whitefish.”

John and Ed found that sucker minnows rigged with stinger hooks on jig heads really pay off. John had a great night out at the “island” when he caught a 27-inch “walter” and a 36-inch fatty northern. The next day he captured another master with a hefty 28-inch porker. We are glad you guys had such a great trip and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Daniel found some time away from his intense music studies to join his father Mark for their annual wilderness getaway. Mark’s old college buddy Doc Syers and son Jay have also been taking part in the yearly excursion for some time now. The group really enjoyed their first trip to Striker’s and ended up with great results. Daniel caught his largest pike to date with a wild 40-inch pike slamming his reef runner while trolling just inside the river mouth.

Tyler LancasterWith us now are our good friends, the Shiree’s, who are here for their second trip of this season already. We will see them still one more time in late August as well. Lets hope this great weather sticks around for awhile and the fishing continues to be fantastic.
Tight Lines,
Tyler Lancaster

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