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She Caught a 30 in Walleye?

MacArthur Hobson, Wilderness North staffYes SHE did!!
Hey everyone, MacArthur here with this week’s fishing report from Makokibatan Lodge on Makokibatan Lake. This past week’s weather has been a mixture of both nice warm sunny days in the high 70’s and cold, windy and rainy days with the temperature dipping to the low 60’s.Weather for the next week looks the same as we have been getting the past week with a mixture of nice days and some rain in the forecast as well.

Fishing has been mixed as well, one day the action has been hot in Walleye alley then the next day, the alley has been dead and the majority of the fish are being caught in the cut. Most fish are coming on either a jig and twister tail both tipped with live bait and plain. Fish are being caught in water anywhere from 5 feet up to 20 feet. With each passing day the fish seem to be moving into their summer waters with a couple good sized Walleye being caught off of Roger’s reef and Sand Point. The Pike seem to be everywhere this year with many reports of decent sized Pike around the 35 inch mark being caught while our guests have been fishing for Walleye.

So far we have one Master Angler with a 30 inch Walleye. The lucky angler was Elaine from Michigan. The Walleye was caught in 6 feet of water on a Chartreuse twister tail tipped with a worm… MacArthur

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