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Secret Ledge Provides Great Walleye

Tyler LancasterAction Within Sight of Striker’s
…by Tyler Lancaster

Our good friends, the Shiree Party from the Michigan area were with us this past week and enjoyed their second trip of the season to Striker’s Point Lodge on big Whitewater Lake. Believe it or not, they will be back for a third trip at the end of August. Par, Hormoz, Rick, and Bob have been fishing Whitewater Lake, since the 80’s. These guys have oodles of “hotspots” all over the lake, but they also know you don’t have to travel but two minutes from the dock to get into non-stop action. One of their favourite nighttime holes is actually located within sight of the dock.

A lot of the walleye have been coming from roughly 20 feet of water close to structures such as rock piles or sand/weed ledges. We are also beginning to see lots of fish glued to mid-lake humps and reefs. When the walleye start to congregate at these locations, the action can be fast and furious. The hardest part can be finding the right spots. This is when your electronics can be essential. A good way of staying on the fish is to locate a hump and toss a marker buoy out. If the spot proves itself to be a “keeper”, immediately plug the coordinates into your GPS unit (or mark your paper map) and be very careful not to let it get into the hands of your fellow fishermen!

We are quite busy this week and I can bet with the extra boats out there, we will have some more great stories for your next report.
Tight Lines,

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