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Seasonal Weather Realities

Graham SaundersThe first days of October mimicked September with sunny days, warm afternoon temperatures reaching between 18 to 20º C (mid – high 60s), and dry conditions. Due to warmer conditions, a few forest fires in the north persisted long after their usual season. Definitions of “Indian summer” vary from place to place but recent days in the Armstrong area probably quality.

This variation of summer weather was followed was followed by a “winter storm warning” and then seasonal weather realities. A low pressure system tracked north through Minnesota, and into Ontario as it moved northeast above Lake Nipigon. Strong winds, followed by a mix of snow and rain ended the fire danger and of course the Indian summer.

The next week does not threaten to bring anything on the scale of a winter storm, but very cool temperatures and more sightings of snow are likely in the coming days. The ground is still warm preventing any long term snow accumulation. Slightly warmer temperatures (it is all relative of course) will result rain or snow that melts on contact with the ground.

Graham Saunders

Fall scene with planes, Wilderness North 2012

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