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Seasonal Temperatures Expected

Graham Saunders WN weathermanLast week began with cool temperatures, featured a recovery to seasonal and sunny conditions, then settled into mainly cloudy and cool days. Rain days were more common in more southerly Wilderness North lodge and remote cabin locations. Winds were relatively light throughout the week.

The Spring season started out hot and dry, with concerns about drought and forest fire for the entire region. Moderate rains have eased concerns to the west, but fires are still burning to the east. Be careful with campfires.

Expect seasonal temperatures most days. Cloud cover will be key here. Afternoon temperatures will often reach 75 to 85 F (24 to 29 C) under clear skies, but clouds and occasional showers will keep temperatures 10 to 15 F cooler. It looks like another week with mainly light winds and infrequent thunderstorm activity.

Water levels are coming up, especially along the Albany River, from recent rains in the western areas of the drainage basin.
…Graham Saunders

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