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Season Wrap-up at Miminiska Lodge

The fishing season has come to an end at Miminiska Lodge (Mim), for the guests that is. While staff are still indulging in the fall offerings of countless walleye, we reminisce on the fantastic season our guests had at Mim. Let me start off by mentioning there were countless fish caught of the three major species that inhabit Miminiska Lake; Walleye, Northern Pike, and Brook Trout, including Master anglers in all of them. Lets break down how the year went by species.


The walleye fishing during the early season (late May – early June) was simply amazing. Fish were plentiful and larger in size than in years past according to returning guests and staff. 100 fish days including many walleye in the 22-inch to 25-inch range were being caught in moving shallow water hotspots including the Honey Hole, Ferguson Creek and Wottom Creek. As the water lowered and the creeks and moving waters dimmed, walleye moved to offshore structure. Reports from guests showed that the bigger fish were being caught in and around Wottom Bay, (east end) while the sheer numbers patrolled the West end in and around the spectacular Walleye Mine. Petawanga Lake (Portage Lake) also reigned supreme with amazing walleye fishing. One group of four reported over 500 walleye in one outing during late August. Late season success came from jigging sharp drop offs and using reaction / trolling baits over deeper flats and rocky areas. Some anglers found success using a Rat L Trap over 20 feet of water including the year’s biggest at 27 inches.

  • Master angler Walleyes– 3
  • Largest Walleye – 27in
  • Best Baits– ¼ and 3/8 oz jigs with 3 inch grub (yellow, pink and white) Rat L Trap
  • Miminiska Hotspot– Ferguson creek, Honey hole, Wottom Bay, Walleye Mine
Northern Pike

Miminiska Lake saw many pike savvy anglers during the 2017 season. The pike at Mim seemed to stay somewhat shallow all season long making them easier and more exciting to do battle with. From the shallow running creeks to the weedy haunts of the walleye mine and Ferguson Bay, pike were vicious and plentiful. So vicious that there were reports of 30 – 40 pike attacking a walleye during retrieval. When seeking pike, anglers used spoons and other reaction baits on weed lines and shallow weedy bays.

  • Master angler Pike– 6
  • Biggest Pike– 43in
  • Best Baits– 5 of Diamonds
  • Miminiska Hotspot– Ferguson Bay, Walleye Mine
Brook Trout

2017 saw fly anglers in search of their once in a lifetime trout. Anglers searched for these magnificent fish via float plane trips, canoe day trips or at the river inflows from the comfort of their 16 ft boats. Early fly out trips down the rivers saw anglers catching dozens of large and beautiful untouched brookies. Trips that continued into late June and July resumed to see amazing size and numbers of brookies caught mainly on dry flies. With brook trout being fragile and delicate creatures measuring fish is a rare occurrence, therefore keeping track of master anglers is difficult, but one thing we can assure is the trout fishing is simply outstanding

  • Master Angler Trout– 7+
  • Biggest Brook trout– 23.5in
  • Best Baits– olive wooly bugger, chernobyl ants, grasshoppers
  • Miminiska hotspots– Miminiska rapids/falls, Freestone river mouth
  • Fly out hotspots– Cohen River, Freestone River

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