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Season Recap and Last Weekly Forecast

Graham Saunders WN weathermanThere will be some rainy periods today – September 24th – then the rain moves out tomorrow, with some clearing and generally warmer days, even a bit warmer than usual. Highs will reach about 57, as we move toward the weekend, and a bit more rain moving in early next week. You can hear the podcast by clicking here.

Fall colours are just now coming on in Thunder Bay, but are at their full glory in Armstrong and points north. However, since the past eight weeks have been mostly dry, these leaves can easily be swept away by a blustery autumn rain event that is sure to come.

As I look back over the summer, the statistics tell us it was pretty much normal, but we know the “normalcy” is the result of exceptional rainy days in May and June, followed by rather hot dry days in July and August. Anglers tell us the full lakes and streams from early Spring, did make fishing excellent in the Province.

In the upcoming Words From The Wilderness newsletter, scheduled for mid October, I’ll tell you more about the Hurricane Season 2008, how hurricanes are named today, and how the “naming regiment” all began.

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