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And We’re Off and Running!

Happy first days of June! We are now running full bore with our first guests arrivals last week. And oh what a first week it was! The ice was off the lakes earlier than it has been in the last two years, yet we had snow and even freezing temperatures this past weekend. Guests enjoyed their days fishing, exploring and discovering everything Mother Nature brought to the mix. The fishing is heating up as are the temperatures We’ll have our first fishing report out in the next few days.

How was your winter? Ours was busy with sport shows and lots of onsite activities, getting ready for our 2015 season. With freshly painted floats, the Otter is now up north as we open outposts, deliver guests and refill supplies to the lodges. The Beaver is embarking on a few sightseeing tours and then heads north with more of our angler guests. We are very excited about this season and everything we have to offer you to make this your best adventure ever. We expect an outstanding year of fishing and we can’t wait to welcome you to enjoy our Wilderness North experience!

We will once again be working with Project Healing Waters and Wounded Warriors and are hosting 2 groups this season at Miminiska. You will see a link in a separate article where you can contribute to these organizations. The monies donated to these organizations fund travel costs to hundreds of events like Healing on the Albany as well as special equipment and other incidental costs.

This year will bring some new updates at the lodges and outpost camps; for example, we completed a renovation at Dawn Lake last fall and look forward to having our guests enjoy the changes. Trip Planning is well underway, Lynette will be in touch to confirm and finish gathering all of the details for your trip. If you’re already booked we look forward to seeing you. There is still time to plan a mid summer getaway or late summer fishing trip and you want find a better place to unplug and get away from it all.

Take Care!

Alan & Krista

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