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Season Opener at Last!

Alan Cheeseman, Wilderness North PresidentThe ice is finally gone! Well, not at our Makokibatan Lodge, however, I think that will happen by Saturday. All of our crews are in. Armstrong Base is open and Waweig Lake is free of ice (at-last), we also have a few anglers at our Zig Zag Remote Cabin. They report that the fishing is great with aggressive shallow Northern Pike, and many of the female Walleyes still filled with eggs since the water temp has not hit 7c (45f) the preferred spawning temp. So its catch-photo-and back they go – oh so gently. Listen to my mini podcast for a complete update.

Our official Weekly Fishing Reports will be coming your way starting next Wednesday, May 29th with both written and audio podcasts (MP3’s) featuring angling information from our Albany and Ogoki watershed destinations.

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