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Season Ends at Miminiska

Well, what a fantastic last week of the season we have had here at Miminiska Lodge. We had two bloody great groups of people that helped us finish our first year on a good note.

Wilderness North guestsThe Boitz from all over USA were up here to relax and fish their hearts out, which they surely did with their First Nation guide Thomas Nate delivering up some amazing spots for that great old Canadian walleye. Tom Boitz remarked that between the five people in the group, they caught over 1000 fish in three days on Lake Miminiska. They made the trek to Lake Petawanga, which really has been producing huge numbers of walleye and they hit it really big down there. The leeches really seemed to be doing the trick for the walleye and they nailed some 30-inch pike while playing with those slippery buggers.

Wilderness North GuestsThe Midwest Flyer Magazine “squadron” landed to an amazing welcome with warm weather and clear skies for much of their stay, something which has been really rare this last month. The seven planes and seventeen guests came in for their yearly fishing trip and enjoyed smashing straight into the walleye and big shore lunches. My Australian billy of bush tea seems to be proving a big hit at the shore lunch, and next year I will attempt to bring back some good Aussie tea to make it all the more authentic, among other items from down under. The flyers really hit it big with the walleye, with most people coming back tired out from fishing all the great corners of this lake. The Happy Half Hour was a roar of laughter and rang with the sound of bloody good people having a bloody good time. There were no trophy fish caught this week, but a lot of new great mates were made and we really cannot wait for everyone to come back next year.

Wilderness North staffWe are now in the pack-up stage and we are flying out to Thailand in about two weeks to go back to our yacht Eloise, which has been waiting for us to come back to in order to continue our sail around the world. With 6000 miles under our belt from last year, we may be staying put in the Andaman Sea, which is definitely not a problem as we love it down there. If anyone wants to catch up for a sun-downer, give us an email

The baby is expected in April and we are expecting to be right back here in May 2010. Hoo-roo for this year –Tristan & Jasmine Yuswak

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