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Season Confusion!

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffWas it Winter? – Yes.
Was it Spring? – Mostly.
Was it Summer? – Well for two days it was…
It seems Dr. Saunders’ forecast for a mixed bag of weather proved true, but here at the 51st Parallel, it really is warming up. No really it is! The soft woods, like birch and aspen are still minty green, but filling in a little more each day and the fishing, wouldn’t you know it, the rough weather days proved to be the best fishing days.

On the first official day of summer, June 21 – it was summer and most anglers came in with a little sunburn, and less fish than from those cold and rainy days. But hey, we tell guests: never leave the dock without your raingear and your sun block. The “Honey Hole” is now more “off and on” than always on. So fishing is a little unpredictable. One guest caught a 19 inch Walleye fishing a Zara Spook at 1PM in 4ft of water on Howell’s Lake, just off the river on the way to Snake Falls. We’re used to Walleye anglers catching Pike, but the opposite – go figure. The bigger Pike are now a little harder to locate, and have likely headed to their summer depths, at least during the day. Although Jeff of Ottawa did catch and release this handsome 36 inch Northern.Jeff 36in Northern Mim 2008

Don’t forget, Miminiska Lodge on Miminska Lake continues to be a designated Gulp VS Live test sight and based on 66 angler hours of the test so far – it is a dead heat.
…Katelyn Johnson

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