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Royals Fishing

Royals Fishing

Family Tradition Fit for a King (Royals Fishing)


Ontario’s forests, shores and streams provide royal adventures and create family traditions.


In 1919 when King Edward visited Canada he took time to fish the very waters YOU fish today here at Wilderness North.  First Nation guides recall the trip. “The King was a fine angler with skilled caster and a gentle netter as well.”

As we looked a little further into the story we discovered the love of fly fishing is shared by generations of royals, even royal nannies!

The passion seems to have begun with the Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth’s mother. The River Dee flows through Balmoral, a royal vacation spot in Scotland. It is on these shores that the family still gathers and spends time fly fishing together.  The River Dee waters are full of trout and salmon and the catching…. well let’s just say everyone eats well.

“Come rain or shine, waders on,” Queen Mum – Patron of the Salmon and Trout Association

Speaking of catching, Prince William even proposed to Princess Catherine on a fishing trip in Kenya. He caught a wife and some fish. What a lucky man.

So…whether it is Canadian adventure, a royal estate in Scotland, or the lakes and waters near your home, these are the places where family memories are created with a rod reel in hand.

Generations of anglers. Joyful days spent casting and catching.  We are grateful to be a part of your memories, generation to generation.

Tiggy Legge Bourke, a renown fly fisherman and instructor and former nanny to Prince William and Harry, is rumored to be committed to be the guide for even young Archie, son of Prince Harry.

Harry shown here fishing with the now King.



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