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Roughing it in Style!

I’ve been fishing in the Armstrong, Geraldton, Long Lac, Nakina area for over 45 years.  We have fished many different types of lakes from drive in to fly in and the quality fisheries that Wilderness North camps have are fantastic.  I’ve fished Miminiska, Makokibatan, and Whitewater a number of times each but Whitewater is still one of my favorites.  Big water and big pike, great camp location with quality boats and motors that can handle rough water.  The team of folks supporting your trip have always been top notch and willing to help with any reasonable request. From trip planning, flying in, hot coffee wake up calls, food preparation, clean cabins along with clean and gassed up boats every day.  To happy faces who want to help make your trip a lifetime event or making that 15th year as special as the first.  Whitewater offers some very unique opportunities to see wildlife and get out of the boat and walk the sandy beaches or go for a swim.  For the women who like fishing and being in the outdoors, all three lodges have amenities that make “roughing it” not so bad for ladies who like to experience fishing at its best -no running to the outhouse in the middle of the night or worrying about not being able to take a hot shower every day.  Wilderness North is truly a special place. Alan and Krista will make sure your experience is special.

Stuart, IL

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