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Respect for our Elders

Wilderness NorthThat is “sort of” the theme of a newly proposed study of the oldest of fish species in Northwestern Ontario. Dr. Jenni McDermid, Field Researcher for Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada has submitted a funding grant application to conduct a study on fresh water sturgeon. Sturgeons are a species of fish some consider older than biblical times. In her application Dr. McDermid has named Wilderness North as an outdoor adventure provider who will partner with her in gathering tissue samples from these very large fish. Our staff and guests would have sample gathering kits in their boats to obtain fin samples before the caught sturgeon was released. In addition, First Nation Communities will be participating in the study when the funding is approved. We have seen these big bottom feeders up at Whitewater Lake, and on the Albany near Miminiska Lodge.

On the podcast, Jenni talks more about the study and her ideas about lake trout population and travel during the winter. Click here to listen in.

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