As we move into the latter half the month of August, things at Mim are fishing fantastic. Brookies are getting ready to spawn within a month and will start being defensive of their territories. Consider throwing invasive intruders around structure such as felled trees, boulder fields and cooler water spring inflows. As September approaches, they will be more and more territorial. Northern Pike are continuing to transition from summer patterns into fall feedbag mode. Walleye are eating natural looking offerings in the 10 – 15 foot range of significant structure. As with last week, consider searching sloping structure as well as deeper saddles. Pike are eating suspended minnow baits such as husky jerks, spoons and spinners. Walleye are keying into jigs and twisters, deeper diving jerk baits and crank baits.

Bonus Additon: Our lodge staff have been up all summer, and decided to share their favourite lures. Check out what their go-to is up on Miminiska Lake.