The Propson group had a great time at Dawn Lake Outpost! This group of 4 caught more walleye than they could keep track of! About 25% of the fish reeled in were in the 18-25inch range with a few 25-26 inchers thrown in as well! They had success with pink and white jigs with a nightcrawler or white twister tail; however, the biggest walleye was caught on a green jig!

15-25ft was the sweet spot! Heading north from the cabin and along the shore was the place to be! Fishing off any point along this shore allowed this group to really up their numbers! At times they noted that it was like fishing from a bucket- with fish caught up to 7 casts in a row!

Not only did the fishing win them over but the scenery and wildlife did as well. Being so far north this group benefited from a clear sky free of any light pollution during a night of heightened mars visibility. Mars was so bright it lit up the horizon and reflected on the lake!

A good time all around.