Our group had a very memorable and wonderful time at the Musgrave Lake Outpost last week. The cabin was in great shape, and we were all impressed with the stone walkway from the dock to the porch. The boats had plenty of room and the engines ran flawlessly. That is the most important ‘appliance’ for any fishing party.

We started the trip by staying overnight at the McKenzie Lake cabin, where Jackie and Regan hosted us. I have to give them special thanks since they were so friendly and outgoing.

We found within the first day one of the best walleye producing spots I’ve ever come across fishing in the Albany River watershed over the last 20 years. We caught a few 25 inch walleyes, but most were a healthy (and fat) 18”-20”. This spot was almost directly across the lake in 12’-16’ of water. The bait we did best on was a pink sinking jig-head, with a white twister tail and a piece of night-crawler.

The pike typically hit well on red and white daredevils, as well as a silver ‘Williams Wobbler’. Sometimes the pike were very active, and sometimes they were not.

We caught a lot of pike 20-26 inches in the north-west end of the lake as you go through the channel into what looks like ‘Popeye’s Arm’. There’s also a large weed bed just to the South-East of that channel where a lot of pike and walleye were caught.

About ½ mile from the cabin to the South on the Eastern shore, there is another large stretch of weeds where the pike were bigger, and we caught about ten 30-36 inchers. The last day there three 40+ inch pike were caught, and one which was 44” and estimated to be in the 20+ pound range.

We saw (2) moose, several otters, and a family of (4) mink during our stay there.

I would like to thank the Wilderness North team for your attention to detail, your responsiveness, and friendly approach to the customers.

-The White Group