-Fishing was great and they really enjoyed their trip! First time visitors to Zig Zag, they were previously guests of Moose Crossing. The group caught a lot of fish. Jim D. caught a 40” pike, his last fish of the day and he was using a gulp bait on a jig head. Dennis caught a 29” walleye, and used jig head with a night crawler; his last fish of the trip. Party leader Greg  caught a 27” walleye. He was trolling between Zig Zag and Crescent when he caught and released it.  A favourite way to prepare fish while they were there in tin foil on the grill–boy, they were delicious! The group recommends fishing on both ends of the lake near fast moving water. Also around the islands and in Crescent; they had lots of success in the bay and on the Zig Zag side near the entrance of Crescent Lake. They also recommend trying the portage at the north end of the lake.  There you will see the portage sign–enter there. The trail is short and it takes you to a little bay a couple of hundred yards in. Enjoy fishing from shore!

-All our fishing spots were productive and I would venture to guess that our party caught over 1,000 fish in the 5 days we were there.
We caught lots of walleye in the 15-24 inch range but we didn’t get one 26″ or better.  Our best lures were crankbaits and we caught them in 6-10 feet of water.  Some of us used worms but, in my opinion, it wasn’t necessary to catch a lot of fish.  I did have very good luck on Gulp minnows on a pink jighead.  I had a very large pike T-bone a small walleye I had just hooked (I was able to watch the whole thing) and he made three runs before he just let go of the walleye.  When I released the walleye, there wasn’t a mark on him.
We caught some good pike in the 35″-40″ range.  I hooked the largest pike of my life and fought him quite a while.  He made 5-6 runs and when we got the net on him, he was twice as long as the net was wide (my net is 27″ wide).  He wouldn’t even bend to slide into the net.  He got the lure hooks in the netting and then just turned away and ripped the hooks out and swam away.  I just bought a bigger net! I did cross one off my bucket list by catching a 33″ pike on a topwater lure.  That was an outstanding experience.  after he blasted the lure, I let him go for a few seconds and then set the hook.  He made 5-6 runs and was one of the thickest, healthiest pikes I had ever seen. We fished the inflow at the north end of Zig Zag and even hiked around the eddy to the falls where fishing is always excellent.  Chuck and his friend fished the outflow with excellent success – lots of good walleye between 18″-24″.