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2019: Report 03

Makokibatan Lodge

Fishing continues to be strong at Makok, even with water levels dropping. Trophy walleye are strong, but also, trophy pike! This past month has been an amazing week for big pike–caught and released a stone’s throw away from the lodge.  The cut and just around the corner from the lodge continue to produce some masters. The largest being 43 inches! Fish were caught in 2-3 feet of water on red and white daredevles and rapalas.

Our numbers this season are as follows:

97 walleye (26 inches and over)  and 4 pike (40 inches and over)!

Check out these master angler catches:

-Really a first class experience at a very reasonable price. Super friendly service with staff going the extra mile for whatever you needed. Great food and very nice lodging. Fishing did not disappoint! Overall a great trip. We will definitely be back.

-Great! The lake has lots of walleye with some nice big ones that were 25+ we were always able to catch fish without any problems. We would definitely go back again!

-We had a wonderful time. Food and service was excellent and fishing was great. Hoping to do again in the future. This was my 5th trip to Makok

-Our trip was excellent can’t wait to plan the next adventure. The staff was over the top from dock boy’s to head cook although I wish we didn’t have to feed the mosquitoes.


-This was my third time there and accommodations, fishing and people were fantastic as always. We plan on going back in the near future.

Miminiska Lodge

We have had at least 3 master angler brook trout caught recently, all caught on fly at Middle Falls, with the largest being over 22 inches. Our first trips in June to the Freestone & Cohen Rivers were successful and produced over 20 beautiful brookies.

The Walleye Mine has been the place to be with most of the walleye averaging between 18-22 inches with white twister tails doing most of the damage, of course when there are plenty of walleye around the big northern pike are close by. We had 2 master angler northerns come in this week, 40.5 and 41 inches, both of these were caught trawling daredevle spoons along the drop off at Caribou Island.

Snake Falls has produced some nice northerns around the mid to high 30s (inches) as well as decent walleye being caught in the eddies alongside the falls.

Ferguson continues to fish well, with both pike and walleye in abundance, just last night a master angler walleye was landed, our 3rdfor the year. A 22 inch whitefish was also landed on fly there.

The deep waters of the narrows (close to shore lunch island) is still fishing well for walleye and northerns. With guests catching a good mixed bag there, twister tails, spoons and rapalas have been doing the best here.

With the water being extremely low for this time of year, the honey hole has dried up a bit, you’re still in with a chance for walleye, but have to work a little harder for them.



-Every year the trip is different. This year we saw two black bears and a cow and two moose calves after the brief Petawanga portage. Trophy walleye two years running at Ferguson Creek. Tons of fun with a 31 inch Northern at a place we have come to call Magic island. He broke off 3 jigs on the south side of the island and then Jay hooked and netted him at the side of the boat to find one of the previous jigs still hooked in his jaw. Don’t know what he was looking for but he sure found us. Just missed rush hour outflow at the honey hole which was just ridiculous last June. Food and staff make the trip relaxing. Rejuvenated cabins with newer firmer mattresses are a wonderful makeover and addition.

-We have done 25 plus different fly in trips over the years in Canada and this year at Minimiska was the best we can ever remember all time! We have already reserved and paid deposit for 2020!!!!!!!

-Great lodge. Terrific staff. Most accommodating.

-Our camp was switched to Miminiska due to ice on lake at Makokibatan. The Camp Personnel were attentive, courteous and always helpful. Cabins were great, food very good and timely. Boats and Motors were top notch and dock hands were always there


Mojikit Channel Lodge

Mojikit and Bob, never fail to impress!!

-Perfect in every aspect!!!

-Awesome. 4 generations in camp. All was perfect.

-My 24-year old son (Nate) and I have been taking fishing trips in Ontario for the last 15 years. For the last four years Wilderness North has served us well. After our 2018 fishing trip at Mojikit, my son produced a 4 1/2 minute YouTube video “Experience Wilderness North” which really encapsulated the essence of a trip into the bush of northern Ontario with Wilderness North each summer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORwHrmcIIzQ). The service of our Wilderness North trip begins with trip planning communications with your team during the winter, then extends to the always on time flight schedule, the skilled and personable WN pilots, and our superb Mojikit Camp Manager – Bob. Fishing is always excellent, but our trips also offer an opportunity to find solitude, view wildlife (moose, bears, wolves, woodland Caribou), and experience spectacular sunsets. The cabins provide all the comforts of home with propane refrigerators and stoves/ovens, like new barbecues, hot showers and flush toilets. Our week with Wilderness North is a week that we look forward to each year.

-Everything was great. Been fishing with Wilderness North for 1O+ years.

-Absolutely fantastic, caught fish all day everyday, too many to count in six days, accommodations were very comfortable, caretaker at Mojikit (Bob) was always there to help, and a great host, it is my second trip and I will return


Ogoki Outpost

Fishing rocks at Ogoki!

-Even though they were tight lipped about the details, Bill and the crew from Indiana had a blast at Ogoki. Bill said it was the best trip in his 30 year history of visiting. Fishing and weather were amazing!

-Have gone to Ogoki lake 23 out of the last 25 years.  Looking forward to many more.

Striker's Point Lodge

June was a great month for fishing!

Here are some of the comments we received about the fishing:

-This was my 8th trip to Strikers Point and second with this group.  We caught about 1,500 walleyes and around 100 Northerns.  We had a great time fishing and truly enjoyed the unbelievably great service we were treated to by all the staff at Strikers

-We spent 2.5 days paddling and tenting followed by 2.5 days at Strikers Point Lodge. Everyone in our group enjoyed the contrast between the challenges of a 40km paddle and the amenities and high level of service received at the Lodge. Our trip highlights were the shore lunches, visiting the Beckwith cabins and a shower after three days in a canoe! Overall we had a very enjoyable and satisfying trip.

-Great trip. Fishing was excellent although no master angler walleyes. The friendly staff at Strikers provided excellent meals and top notch all-around service. We celebrated our 53rd anniversary on this trip and were surprised with a decorated cabin, a nice bottle of wine and a cake! The shore lunch staff was fun to be with and thanks to my wife’s fishing success we and other groups were well fed. Hope to do it all again.

-Everything was perfect!

-The best fishing i have ever seen. We plan on going every year from now on.

Listen to Dr. Schutte as he recounts his trip to Striker’s this June.


Whitewater Lodge

-The fishing at Whitewater Lodge was great. I fly fish and I caught so many pike on fly that we lost count. The Walleye fishing was, of course, just great. My wife spin fishes and couldn’t keep them off the hook! I even caught a number of Walleye on fly using a full sink line.

-Trip started out great with 55″ sturgeon caught at the inflow. The next morning my 13 year old grandson caught a 44″ pike followed immediately with a 37″ pike. At the end of the first day, the cold front slowed the fishing greatly. We still caught fish but in smaller quantities than we anticipated. After 2 days, the fishing took an upturn and we started catching more fish; however, no really large walleyes were caught. The largest being about 25″. Several pike were caught in the mid 30″ range. All in all we had a great time. Used our cell phones with Canada Topo Maps app for GPS. Worked great. Everyone agreed that they would be returning to Wilderness North.

Zig Zag Outpost

-Fishing was great and they really enjoyed their trip! First time visitors to Zig Zag, they were previously guests of Moose Crossing. The group caught a lot of fish. Jim D. caught a 40” pike, his last fish of the day and he was using a gulp bait on a jig head. Dennis caught a 29” walleye, and used jig head with a night crawler; his last fish of the trip. Party leader Greg  caught a 27” walleye. He was trolling between Zig Zag and Crescent when he caught and released it.  A favourite way to prepare fish while they were there in tin foil on the grill–boy, they were delicious! The group recommends fishing on both ends of the lake near fast moving water. Also around the islands and in Crescent; they had lots of success in the bay and on the Zig Zag side near the entrance of Crescent Lake. They also recommend trying the portage at the north end of the lake.  There you will see the portage sign–enter there. The trail is short and it takes you to a little bay a couple of hundred yards in. Enjoy fishing from shore!

-All our fishing spots were productive and I would venture to guess that our party caught over 1,000 fish in the 5 days we were there.
We caught lots of walleye in the 15-24 inch range but we didn’t get one 26″ or better.  Our best lures were crankbaits and we caught them in 6-10 feet of water.  Some of us used worms but, in my opinion, it wasn’t necessary to catch a lot of fish.  I did have very good luck on Gulp minnows on a pink jighead.  I had a very large pike T-bone a small walleye I had just hooked (I was able to watch the whole thing) and he made three runs before he just let go of the walleye.  When I released the walleye, there wasn’t a mark on him.
We caught some good pike in the 35″-40″ range.  I hooked the largest pike of my life and fought him quite a while.  He made 5-6 runs and when we got the net on him, he was twice as long as the net was wide (my net is 27″ wide).  He wouldn’t even bend to slide into the net.  He got the lure hooks in the netting and then just turned away and ripped the hooks out and swam away.  I just bought a bigger net! I did cross one off my bucket list by catching a 33″ pike on a topwater lure.  That was an outstanding experience.  after he blasted the lure, I let him go for a few seconds and then set the hook.  He made 5-6 runs and was one of the thickest, healthiest pikes I had ever seen. We fished the inflow at the north end of Zig Zag and even hiked around the eddy to the falls where fishing is always excellent.  Chuck and his friend fished the outflow with excellent success – lots of good walleye between 18″-24″.


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