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2019: Report 02

Dawn Outpost

Dawn Lake’s first group this past week had a great time. They had the typical June weather; cloudy, sunny, windy cold and warm–4 seasons in one week! They caught a master angler pike at 40” in about 18’ of water along the south channel. They fished Hot N’ Tots, spoons, Rapalas and top water frogs. Best fishing is wherever the water is moving, especially where Dawn River flows into Dawn Lake towards the northern arm of the lake: “We always find pike lurking in the bays towards the end of each arm.”


Miminiska Lodge

The sun is shining at Miminiska Lodge and the fish are on! This past week we hosted 2 great groups! Everyone caught loads of walleye each day and were in search of big pike. George K. caught a big pike on a fly; the group loved their trip up the river to Snake Falls. Todd N. from Rothschild, WI had a great time with family, getting into good numbers of both species and catching 3 trophy pike! They caught 2 40” pike and a 44” monster. We had a great time hosting these folks and they feel a little like family as they have been with us many times before. Until next time!







Mojikit Channel Lodge


The Week of May 25th

Mojikit Channel Lodge is located on Mojikit Lake which opens into the Ogoki Reservoir. Every year we have guests make the pilgrimage to experience the beautiful lake and all of it’s exploits. Tim and Nate D., a father and son team came back for another week at Moj. They had a fantastic time, catching good amounts of all species and catching trophies too. Nate hiked up to the dam and hit a grand slam, catching walleye, pike, whitefish and a famously native and wild 20” brook trout. Nine fishermen from New York state were here for only a week and managed to catch over 2000 walleye! That is not a typo! These were mostly caught in 7-10 feet in murky water. Plus, Michael B. netted and released three trophy pike; a 45, a 40.5, and a 40 incher from the channel right by the camp. The weather was cool, cloudy and the chop was “just perfect.” Mojikit continues to be a fan favourite and Bob, our lodge manager is the conductor behind it all.

Musgrave Outpost

The Week of May 28th 

This group in Musgrave had great fishing their week; they caught and released many masters. This was a trip of first for 14 year old Adric S. and he had a number of beautiful fish. Musgrave is one of the unique outposts in our portfolio as there are two lakes to explore that are connected by a short portage, Musgrave Lake and Kilbarry Lake. Kilbarry is long and shallower than Musgrave, creating a perfect spot for big fish to patrol. This water is always a good spot to find big pike! They can be found throughout the lake, specifically where the lake comes to a bay. Later in the summer you will find these bays bloom with weeds and vegetation, perfect cover for these voracious predators; and moose too!

Striker's Point Lodge

The week of May 31st

After a very cold spring, the spawn finally happened towards to end of May, pushing normal, non-spawn behavior out a week or so. Now that the sun is up and the water is sitting around 58-61 degrees, the wallys are in full swing. Guests at Striker’s Point Lodge have been finding the most walleye in 11-18ft of water, wherever there is structure. Many people target the narrows as a reliable zone for moving water, and therefore, hungry walleyes. Anglers have been finding pike in the opening of bays, sunning themselves in 3 – 6′ of water. 5 groups were in for the first week in June, almost every group got into master class fish. 22 year old Matthew G. from Grand Rapids, MI reeled in 3 Master Angler pike, the largest being 44 inches! Ben T. caught 3 Master Angler pike up the Ogoki River from the lodge–all around the 41 inch range . Tom A. also caught and released a 41 incher. Quotes from multiple groups state that the service, food and lodging were excellent, and all groups had a great time together. It sounds like everyone had a blast, and with the weather heating up, so is the fishing.


Whitewater Lodge

The Week of May 24th – June 7th

Massive Whitewater Lake, at the Ogoki River inflow, continues to produce large and plentiful northern pike.  Scott E. of the Twin Cities, who has been angling in these parts for over two decades, shares in his podcast which you can listen to below. Further,  six Whitewater anglers,  five had pike over 40″.  Jeff B. listing his 43″ and Josh C. of Ohio claiming his 43″ from Goldsborough Bay and Delmar T. of Virginia got a 42″ pike on a white jig head, with a salt minnow tail. From the western end of Whitewater Lake, walleye were plentiful, though ice-out was late, and water temperatures are still cold, and the post spawn pattern is sluggish for the glassy eyes. Father, daughter duo, Rachel and Jason W. out of Fairfax VA had an incredible trip. They caught lots of big pike, walleye and reeled in a 52″ black sturgeon while fishing for pike, (the sturgeon was unintentional and released.) We also had the pleasure of hosting Mike and Andrew B. who had more than their fair share of big fish. Take a look below for some great shots!

Zig Zag Outpost

The Week of May 25th – June 7th

From Zig Zag outpost cabin, comes a report from Kyle M. of Madison WI, who found both plenty of pike and walleye on standard ¼ inch jig and minnow rigs, in 15 feet of mostly clear water. Him and his boys had a memorable time and can’t wait to come back next year. We also had Craig L. and Bob F. and their group, who loved hunting for big pike and plenty of walleye. Craig says they “Caught and ate a bunch of fish and had a great time.” We’ve started their planning their next visit and hoping to lure their ladies to join in 2020. Water temperatures are sitting around 58 – 61 degrees and fish are more active while the temperature is up. Fish are being caught around structure and pike are found in most of the bays sunning themselves in 3 – 6 feet of warmer water especially towards the southern leg of the lake. A lot of fish are also being caught in the current between Zig Zag Lake and Crescent Lake. Fishing was also good on the running water to the north towards the inflow of Moule Lake. Stay tuned for more action as we have more groups coming and going before next report.


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