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2018: Week 15

D'Alton Outpost

Last week we gave you a teaser from Mike’s group at D’Alton.

Here is the rest of his group’s info:

Fishing was good at D’Alton Lake, but seemed to taper off later in the week, as weather started to change and a cold front moved in. Water temp was 71 degrees at the beginning of the week and dropped to 66 by the end of the week. We had success with live bait, but also killed it with rubber worms, spoons and crank baits. Our group caught two 26″ walleye, a 27″, a 28″, and a 29″ walleye as well. We caught maybe about 75 fish over 21″ and a lot more medium to small northern pike than I have ever seen on the lake. It was about a 50/50 ratio of Northern to Walleye. We saw some wildlife as well: 2 people in our group saw a moose cross the lake and a couple of guys chased a beaver across the lake. Great trip had by all!

Miminiska Lodge

Fishing at Mim is still red hot on all three fronts of northern pike, walleye and brook trout.  As this is the last week of brook trout season, we will see brightly coloured fish staging to spawn.  Past catches of sheer numbers of northern pike are indicating they are starting to feed up for winter and this behaviour should ramp up as we head toward the fall of the year. The walleye mine is the hot spot spot of the week, bringing in 4 pike over 40 inches this past week! Wottom Bay saw a nice 28 inch walleye caught and released–in 36 feet of water. Water temperature is steady at 61F. Fish are being caught between 7 and 20 ft.  And the walleye fishing remains stellar on jigs and hot’n’tots.   As the water starts to cool off, you’ll see aquatic vegetation start to die off.  Search out bright green “live” weeds to locate northern pike.  Green weed = increased oxygen – Brown weed = decreased oxygen.  Fish will vacate areas of die off.

Kate and Brian

Striker's Point Lodge

Fishing continues to be fantastic as we wind down the summer and ramp up fall in Northern Ontario.  The water levels continue to drop (make sure your trim tab is up) but the fishing is wonderfully consistent.  Groups earlier this week had great success with northern pike–we saw 7 water wolves over 40 inches caught and released and the walleye are eating almost anything you throw at them. Most groups are fishing the river and the north shore of the main lake. Seagull Island continues to be productive as well. As the water starts to cool off, you’ll see aquatic vegetation start to die off and lake turn over in the future.  Search out bright green “live” weeds to locate northern pike.


Zig Zag Outpost

First time visitors had a great week at Zig Zag!

Their biggest fish was a 38-inch pike–they caught lots in the mid 30s range. They mainly used worms, but had luck with black hot’n’tots as well!

Water was low, probably 3-4 feet in most areas. Walleye fishing was amazing, never any issues catching. Biggest walleye was 24 inches.

Wildlife; we saw a beaver just up from where the outpost was. Also, a moose, up near the rapids and lots of eagles were seen.

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