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2018: Week 14

D'Alton Outpost

Straight out of D’alton. Master Angler Mike (his third of the trip!), caught and released this beaut 29 incher. Congrats!

Miminiska Lodge

As we move into the latter half the month of August, things at Mim are fishing fantastic. Brookies are getting ready to spawn within a month and will start being defensive of their territories. Consider throwing invasive intruders around structure such as felled trees, boulder fields and cooler water spring inflows. As September approaches, they will be more and more territorial. Northern Pike are continuing to transition from summer patterns into fall feedbag mode. Walleye are eating natural looking offerings in the 10 – 15 foot range of significant structure. As with last week, consider searching sloping structure as well as deeper saddles. Pike are eating suspended minnow baits such as husky jerks, spoons and spinners. Walleye are keying into jigs and twisters, deeper diving jerk baits and crank baits.

Bonus Additon: Our lodge staff have been up all summer, and decided to share their favourite lures. Check out what their go-to is up on Miminiska Lake.

Striker's Point Lodge

SPL has seen a great number of larger pike in the last week – our last group released 6 pike on their last day all in the high 30-inch range. The current group is seeing continued success with many high 30-inch fish released and the biggest measuring out to a hefty 43-inch giant. Whitewater Lake just doesn’t quit! Water is cooling off despite it’s continued drop. One group reported surface temperatures as low as 67 degrees. As temps continue to drop, the fall time is looking very promising. we didn’t have any groups hunting walleye this week, but the fortunate mis-catches saw good sized fish eating pike offerings!!! Fall is shaping up to be fantastic!

Zig Zag Outpost

Fishing hotspots

We had several guys that were targeting walleye, while others set their focus on pike. Everyone caught lots of walleye but the guys targeting them were getting many near the islands in Crescent and the south end of Zig Zag. The big pike were caught halfway up the northern end of Zig Zag and in the south end near the rapids.

On-fire Lures

Lots of lures were working. For walleye, they were primarily hitting on jigs with minnows or worms, and white plastics. Pike were hitting on large swim baits, Mepps Muskie Killers, and large spoons (5 of Diamonds was hot).

Memorable moments

It was a great time had by all. Weather was great, some personal record pike were caught by I believe 6 guys in camp ranging from 35″ to 41″. All in we caught at least a dozen pike over 35″. Some of the guys made the treck to Moule Lake where they explored and found an old boat and caught some pike and walleye there. Some also hiked around the southern end of Zig Zag near and down the rapids.

My son and I had a double header and a triple header in a span of 20 minutes fishing the north side of Crescent Lake. The pike and walleye were hungry that afternoon.

We also saw 3 bears. Two (at different times) were swimming from one side of Zig Zag to the other. The other was coming to get a drink about half way up the north side of Zig Zag.

Lastly we had a camp bunny show up. It would greet us at the bottom of the steps and was seemingly unfazed by our presence (we were able to get very close to it).

Tips/Things that worked

We fished in the morning for dinner (walleye) to make sure we had our bases covered. From there we looked to catch some more and/or hunt for personal record size walleye and pike in every area of Zig Zag and Crescent. Pike seemed to be hitting better in later afternoon and early evening as they came into feed on the walleye.

Overall, everyone had a great time. The new boats and motors are great (last time we were in Zig Zag was 2007). Thanks for all of your help and support through the process.

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