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2018: Week 13

D'Alton Outpost

The Brunk group had “excellent fishing” at D’Alton Outpost! They landed tons of walleye with a few in the 23-26inch range. They reported how amazed they were to experience a fishery where there were fish just about everywhere! They caught fish in anywhere from 5-30ft of water, and due to the varied structures throughout the lake, “fish could be caught all over the place!” Scott noted “I probably stopped at about 75 different locations throughout my stay, and caught fish at at least 60 of them!” They even caught a northern trolling the surface in 60ft of water!

Their most productive spot was in the furthest north bay of the lake near a collection of islands where they found drastic depth changes. Nightcrawlers and leeches produced good numbers, along with the classic twister tails.

Wildlife did not disappoint either with many sightings including loons, baby ducks, otters and beavers.

Dawn Outpost

The Propson group had a great time at Dawn Lake Outpost! This group of 4 caught more walleye than they could keep track of! About 25% of the fish reeled in were in the 18-25inch range with a few 25-26 inchers thrown in as well! They had success with pink and white jigs with a nightcrawler or white twister tail; however, the biggest walleye was caught on a green jig!

15-25ft was the sweet spot! Heading north from the cabin and along the shore was the place to be! Fishing off any point along this shore allowed this group to really up their numbers! At times they noted that it was like fishing from a bucket- with fish caught up to 7 casts in a row!

Not only did the fishing win them over but the scenery and wildlife did as well. Being so far north this group benefited from a clear sky free of any light pollution during a night of heightened mars visibility. Mars was so bright it lit up the horizon and reflected on the lake!

A good time all around.

Miminiska Lodge

From the Lodge: It’s been a classic week here at Mim, with lots of fish being caught and released. Walleye are at the 9-20 ft depth range with some big ones hovering at the 9 foot range this past week. Look for fish relating to sloping structure off reefs and shoals. With the water cooling off now, the pike fishing has heated up in a big way. Consider topwater as these fish are becoming more and more aggressive, looking to strap on the feedbag before the snow flies. Spoons, spooks and jerk baits are hot for pike and jigs and hot n tots are producing great numbers of walleye. Guests have been enjoying the hot days and cool nights! Be sure to bring your sunscreen for the boat and a nice sweater for the fire at night!

From the Guests: The Metelko group had a great time at Miminiska Lodge. Their favorite spot was the rapids above Miminiska Falls. Go-to lures were Johnson Spoons and buzz baits! They noted that the “weather couldn’t have been better and that the service was top-notch”.

Mojikit Channel Lodge

Bob is back from Mojikit Channel with success to report! Both groups in had a blast enjoying the warm weather and peace and quiet of a remote northern lake. Walleye were stacked in holes, once you found them they would bite like crazy! Fish finders were the ticket as the water is getting lower. Finders were helpful to locate the concentrated fish, while also beneficial when maneuvering around obstacles. Both groups had the most success with leeches! The trick to consistent walleye were switching up colors to keep them interested.

Another highlight for the Eggert group was a caribou sighting on a small island on Mojikit Lake.

All in all a great trip for these groups!


Moose Crossing

A quick report in from Moose Crossing from the Durocher Group. They had a wonderful time up north, with one of the highlights being reeling in a 40in northern. Artificial did the trick, and the group occasionally used leeches and worms as well. The group found jigging difficult due to the wooded understructure, but after some time got the hang of it!

Wildlife sightings included cranes, beavers, eagles and a bear!

In Bob’s opinion; “how could anyone not enjoy it!”



Musgrave Outpost

“Fishing was solid on Musgrave. We averaged about 40-50 fish per day per boat. As the temps increased the fish went deep. From 10-12’ on the first two days, to 28’ the last two. Pretty crazy. 25” walleye was the biggest with many in the 17”-20” size range. 35” northern pike was our largest.”

-The Leonard Party


Striker's Point Lodge

Fishing has been great here at SPL, in the last 6 days, there have been 3 X 40 inch pike released and loads in the mid to high 30’s. Proven winners are spoons and larger mepps spinners. Walleye are still biting strong and we have had some absolute horses caught including 2 at 25” on plastic worms. Some are being caught while trolling for northerns! Water levels are low and still dropping with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Guests should be prepared for cooler nights now that we are in the late weeks of August, and though the dayside temps continue to be warm, the evenings and overnight will get significantly cooler as we move to September.

Oh and last but not least, we had a rare hail storm that made August feel like December, thankfully it only last for a few minutes!



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