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2018: Week 02

Makokibatan Lodge

Sunday brought our first guests here to Makok—after a couple days of record warm temps (90F), the weather decided to be challenging on the first day! We had strong east winds and rain for most of the day, but still managed to get a couple master anglers on the board already!

Today was the first shore lunch of the season and boy, was it good!

Water levels are high—we just saw the ice go completely off 5 days ago! Water temp is 55F.

We have 4 Master anglers on the board so far: a 26, 27, 28 and our biggest a 29 1/2. The lure of choice so far seems to be any kind of Rapala. And that was proven Monday at Sandy Point! Frank Mahler released a fantastic 28” walleye while fishing a crank bait. 6 lb walleye! Not too shabby!

Miminiska Lodge

Mim is open and anxiously awaiting the first guests of the spring season. While the staff have been working diligently to open camp believe us, they have also been diligently figuring out the spring fishery for incoming guests. They are doing a GREAT job and are able to relay the learnings of the last week and a half to guests coming in. (Safe to say they love their job!)

As per usual, the aptly named “honey hole” is a sure winner. Moving water is the key in these chilly 51 degree f temperatures for walleye! There have been a number of fish released with the big one taping out at 25”. Northerns are still in the shallows, loving this sunny weather. They are attacking red devils, and actually topwater Zara Spooks!!! Tried and true works for the walleye – 1/4 oz jig head with 3” twister tail grubs… go hunting in 5-7 feet of water next week!

Whitewater Lodge

The Baith group had a blast at Whitewater Lodge this past week. The hot spot was most definitely the outflow of the Ogoki, as walleye were found spawning up by moving water. The group pulled in a great deal of walleye with the average of 17-18 inches. Pulling in one after the after, Brett reeled in this beautiful 22″ walleye below, followed directly by another chunky 19 incher.

As for pike the groups best were two 40″ lunkers. Dwayne caught his pike (see below) on a ‘dare-devil like spoon’, while Brett had success with a gold rapala.

“All three groups are enjoying the great fresh air of Whitewater lodge. Sitting around the outdoor tables enjoying the great taste of fresh caught walleye”. – Boyce, Whitewater Lodge camp attendant.

Zig Zag Outpost

Outpost camp Ziz Zag is currently hosting the Murphy party and they started the season off with a bang! Here is a quote from Mr. Murphy! “Everything is great here at Zig Zag. Catching hundreds of walleye and some nice northern.” We’ll say!!! Nothing like releasing a 45” fish early in a trip to get this youngster hooked on fishing! With a cold front rolling in through the region later this week guests may need to slow presentations down and fingers crossed you too will be catching “hundreds of walleye” like the Murphy’s!

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