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2019: Report 03

June was a great month for fishing!

Here are some of the comments we received about the fishing:

-This was my 8th trip to Strikers Point and second with this group.  We caught about 1,500 walleyes and around 100 Northerns.  We had a great time fishing and truly enjoyed the unbelievably great service we were treated to by all the staff at Strikers

-We spent 2.5 days paddling and tenting followed by 2.5 days at Strikers Point Lodge. Everyone in our group enjoyed the contrast between the challenges of a 40km paddle and the amenities and high level of service received at the Lodge. Our trip highlights were the shore lunches, visiting the Beckwith cabins and a shower after three days in a canoe! Overall we had a very enjoyable and satisfying trip.

-Great trip. Fishing was excellent although no master angler walleyes. The friendly staff at Strikers provided excellent meals and top notch all-around service. We celebrated our 53rd anniversary on this trip and were surprised with a decorated cabin, a nice bottle of wine and a cake! The shore lunch staff was fun to be with and thanks to my wife’s fishing success we and other groups were well fed. Hope to do it all again.

-Everything was perfect!

-The best fishing i have ever seen. We plan on going every year from now on.

Listen to Dr. Schutte as he recounts his trip to Striker’s this June.


2019: Report 02

The week of May 31st

After a very cold spring, the spawn finally happened towards to end of May, pushing normal, non-spawn behavior out a week or so. Now that the sun is up and the water is sitting around 58-61 degrees, the wallys are in full swing. Guests at Striker’s Point Lodge have been finding the most walleye in 11-18ft of water, wherever there is structure. Many people target the narrows as a reliable zone for moving water, and therefore, hungry walleyes. Anglers have been finding pike in the opening of bays, sunning themselves in 3 – 6′ of water. 5 groups were in for the first week in June, almost every group got into master class fish. 22 year old Matthew G. from Grand Rapids, MI reeled in 3 Master Angler pike, the largest being 44 inches! Ben T. caught 3 Master Angler pike up the Ogoki River from the lodge–all around the 41 inch range . Tom A. also caught and released a 41 incher. Quotes from multiple groups state that the service, food and lodging were excellent, and all groups had a great time together. It sounds like everyone had a blast, and with the weather heating up, so is the fishing.


2018: Week 15

Fishing continues to be fantastic as we wind down the summer and ramp up fall in Northern Ontario.  The water levels continue to drop (make sure your trim tab is up) but the fishing is wonderfully consistent.  Groups earlier this week had great success with northern pike–we saw 7 water wolves over 40 inches caught and released and the walleye are eating almost anything you throw at them. Most groups are fishing the river and the north shore of the main lake. Seagull Island continues to be productive as well. As the water starts to cool off, you’ll see aquatic vegetation start to die off and lake turn over in the future.  Search out bright green “live” weeds to locate northern pike.


2018: Week 14

SPL has seen a great number of larger pike in the last week – our last group released 6 pike on their last day all in the high 30-inch range. The current group is seeing continued success with many high 30-inch fish released and the biggest measuring out to a hefty 43-inch giant. Whitewater Lake just doesn’t quit! Water is cooling off despite it’s continued drop. One group reported surface temperatures as low as 67 degrees. As temps continue to drop, the fall time is looking very promising. we didn’t have any groups hunting walleye this week, but the fortunate mis-catches saw good sized fish eating pike offerings!!! Fall is shaping up to be fantastic!

2018: Week 13

Fishing has been great here at SPL, in the last 6 days, there have been 3 X 40 inch pike released and loads in the mid to high 30’s. Proven winners are spoons and larger mepps spinners. Walleye are still biting strong and we have had some absolute horses caught including 2 at 25” on plastic worms. Some are being caught while trolling for northerns! Water levels are low and still dropping with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Guests should be prepared for cooler nights now that we are in the late weeks of August, and though the dayside temps continue to be warm, the evenings and overnight will get significantly cooler as we move to September.

Oh and last but not least, we had a rare hail storm that made August feel like December, thankfully it only last for a few minutes!



2018: Week 12

The fishing has been good at SPL. Earlier in the week, we had 2, 40 plus pike caught just past the islands on the sound end of Best Island. Each of them were caught jigging for walleye. The walleye bite is still strong especially in the morning and evenings but is slowing a bit during the heat of the day. Waters levels are low and are now dropping. Looking like they will hit sub-70 degrees this week with our cooler nights! The time for aggressive fall fish is fast approaching, as we are starting to see the turning of the “temperature tides”

From the guests:

“Our trip to Striker’s Point through Wilderness North was fantastic! We had an unbelievable time and caught an absurd amount of fish. From the staff to the fish to the weather, everything was picture perfect for us. We caught a multitude of fish near seagull island and spent a significant amount of time trolling for Pike in Pike’s alley. On our trip we caught a couple of Pike over 25 inches as well as a couple of walleye over 20 inches. Overall, it was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to come back next year!”

2018: Week 11

There are times in July at Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake where everything just clicks. This past week was one of those times. The Mayflies went off this past week and the walleye are officially “fat and sassy!” Not only are they sipping flies from the surface, but they are also fattening up subsurface on the bugs coming to the surface. The walleye are distended, yet are still easy quarry for anglers at SPL. All pike caught were incidental this past week, but we should have a good pike show next week as our upcoming guests are there to target northerns!

The Watters group departing today had an absolute blast this past week! They had great success at Seagulls Islands, Cheryl’s Rock and the beaver dam. They landed two master angler pike and plenty of chunky walleye! See the Watters group below:

Additionally, we had relatives of Wendell Beckwith up to visit for fishing and a tour of the old cabins. A full story of their experience will be shared shortly, but for now here is a taste of how their trip went:

“The whole experience far exceeded my expectations and your professional handling and organizing everything was frankly, impeccable! Our cabin was perfect including an adequately equipped kitchen. The beds were really comfortable. The staff was extremely cheerful & friendly and attentive to our every need. In addition to everything else, we all appreciated the access to the internet, which we found reliable and very useful. (I might mention that we were amused to find the WiFi signal was “just” strong enough to reach the West window our cabin #3!).

My two sons and I are not skilled and hardened fishermen, but we do wet our lines from time-to-time when the opportunity presents itself. So I was a little concerned about our fishing experience on Whitewater Lake, meaning it could have been a complete bust not being familiar with the lake or the bottom structure. (we did not hire the help of an on-board guide) However, the quality of the map provided at the lodge and the advice given by the staff at the time of our fishing experience, we found ourselves catching abundant fish, releasing many but keeping plenty for the meals we had hoped to enjoy from our bountiful harvest! That, in itself, was the frosting for our wilderness experience. We found the boats to be incredibly versatile, well equipped and very stable for the three of us in our outings. The electronic depth/fish finder was easy to use and provided adequate visual feedback.”

-The Lawton Family.

2018: Week 10

Walleye fishing is still pumping, early risers will see them rising all over the lake eating mayflies (bring a fly rod) and long- time friend of SPL, Par was saying there’s more action than he has seen in previous years! (bring a fly rod) There have been plenty of pike caught around the mid-30 inch range with a 40 plus fish released this week. Remarkable considering no one is REALLY targeting pike! Water level is getting low and some of the creeks and bays are getting harder to access. Water temps are still 70 and a bit higher in the bays! (bring a fly rod!)

2018: Week 09

SPL is standing on its head hammering home its nickname as the BIG FISH FACTORY!!! On his day off SPL staff Matt caught and released a GIANT northern pike out of the Bay of Pigs on a Rapala Husky Jerk. This fish tapped out at an incredible 47.5 inches long! Congrats Matt, what a great memory to bring back to Australia with you!  New guests roll in to SPL shortly and a new report will be out soon.


2018: Week 08

Guests are due in to SPL any day now, and after a short period of staff R and R, we are happy to report lots of walleye! (we can’t get enough of shore lunch even now!) Water levels at Whitewater are dropping. Mice Creek is getting close to choked off and please take your time entering Bay of Pigs! Water temps are high 60’s to low 70’s.

Also, there is rumour of a 53” northern released by some canoe trippers on Whitewater Lake. The bite is hot! We can’t wait to see what next week brings!
– Matt

2018: Week 07

News from the Lodge:

Strikers saw consistent walleye action this past week with many bigger fish being released. Deeper holes around Bay of Pigs are a sure bet with many fish over the 20” mark being caught and the largest being a Master Angler fish taping out at 26”!!! Trophy northern pike in the 40 plus inch class are chewing to the delight of SPL guests! We have seen a rush of larger pike attacking stringer walleye as well, then turning onto lures which definitely makes the adrenaline pump! Larger lipped stick baits or jerkbaits running deeper will have you target fish that have gone deeper with the warming of the water.
– Dockhand, Matt

News from the guests:

The weather was fantastic – 70’s all week. Fishing was very good, everyone caught a tremendous amount of walleye, with over 100 on the first day alone. Evenings at points were great, with walleyes reeled in on every cast. Largest walleye measured to 25 inches (Robert Crane) and a number of walleyes in the 22 to 24-inch range. Kirsten’s largest was 24 inches. All of the larger walleye were caught in the channel of the Bay of Pigs.

A number of pike were caught in the mid 30 range with Tim catching a 40-inch pike at the back dock and Stuart reeling in a 36 incher. Pike were found in their normal hot spots, as marked on Wilderness North maps found in each cabin. Par and his group caught their big numbers of walleye, always catching enough for Par’s famous shore lunch. The wildlife viewing was top-notch. We took hundreds of pictures of eagles. On the same day we saw two Caribou mothers and their young standing on a large rock, very cool for sure. The camp has new motors and they are fantastic! Much lighter, faster and efficient – great new addition to the camp. Mosquitos were not so nice !!!

2018: Week 06

Fishing this week has produced lots of walleye as people seem to be finding them everywhere including off the front dock in the evenings. Largest walleye this week was 26” caught at the islands just west of Striker’s. Pink, orange and white jigs seem to be working the best, trolling spoons in the creeks have also produced a good mix of walleye and pike, lots in the 30-37 inch range. Wildlife has also been phenomenal with guests enjoying the many bald eagles on the lake. One group even managed to snap a picture of an eagle picking up a walleye. There have been lots of moose sightings and a few caribou cows and calves as well!


“Our group of four had pretty good luck on walleye with most of them running in the 16 –20” size. We are guessing we caught over 600 walleye in 3 1/2 days. Most were caught on jigs using Gulp grub(or similar bait) or paddle tails in white, chartreuse or pink colours. We did catch a few casting huge musky lures. Most were caught in 8- 24 foot water off wind-blown rocky points (rougher the better). I had the motor running at all the times to control position, speed and depth. I personally wanted to go after big (over 40’’ northern), but with the water temps in the high 60’s – mid 70’s, we would need to use a different approach.

These trips are always an adventure and this was no exception. In camp, we had some bears, a friendly groundhog and the staff saw a cow moose & calf one day. Some of the group saw woodland caribou and we all saw lots of caribou tracks at the shore lunch spot. There are loons and eagles and it always fun to see them pick up lunch (eagle fly-in)” – Scheef Group

Also enjoying the plentiful Whitewater Lake this week was the Poling group! Their photos say it all:

2018: Week 05

Striker’s Point guests did magnificently in the narrows this past week releasing a few master angler pike over the 40” mark. The water temps have been perfect on Whitewater Lake hovering in the 64-67F mark. Pike will be strapping on the feedbag in anticipation for the warmer dog days of summer where they will eventually go deeper to maintain that optimal temperature. Watch the weather when you’re on Whitewater Lake and adjust your presentations to the pressure. For example, slow down your offerings in negative or low-pressure events.


2018: Week 04

From the Staff:

Striker’s is still delivering on all fronts with respect to numbers and size of walleye and pike.  The wallys are starting to form their summer patterns and have begun to school up post spawn and recovery.  They are now relating to 17-22 feet of water and are hitting plastics as well as minnows. With respect to northern pike, guests have had the best results trolling plugs and spoons. This weeks big pike tapped out at 44 inches!!! A true Master Angler Fish!!

From the Guests:

” Wow! What a great adventure…I have been going to Canada for fly-ins and drive-ins since 1974, and this was, hands down, Absolutely the best fishing trip ever!”

From the time we got to the McKenzie base and met the 1st point guys, (Regan and Travis), and then jumping onto our exciting DeHavilland Beaver flight, (Travis is an awesome pilot), to landing at smoothly at Striker’s Point Lodge, where we were greeted warmly with smiles by Darlene and Billy, (don’t forget to sit and talk with this guy…great fishing stories from many years of experience), and their great crew, we knew then that this was going to be a trip to remember.

The Camp Crew was absolutely the finest I have ever worked with…Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and we felt like we were family amongst them…and there was not one request that could not be done…all of our needs were met with “Yes I can”…They made us feel like royalty…Words cannot express the quality of their service and accommodations, (Cabin and Boats were 1st class), and food…(Wow!…is Mel a great chef, or what!)

There were 4 gents in our group, and 2 of us were celebrating our 60th birthdays. We came back from a great day of fishing on Wednesday and the crew had decorated the cabin as a surprise with 60th birthday decor. They also had a celebration cake for us at dinner and went out of there way to make it a special day…That is what I call “outside the box” consideration by people that really care about what and how they do in their profession…great touch!

The fishing was in one word, “Fantastic”. Going to shows all the time like I do, you always hear about fish jumping in the boat for you, but this was one lake where that pretty much happened 🙂

Between 4 guys we caught over 1000 walleyes, most of them in the 16″ to 20″ range, with our biggest at 25″. Many times, I felt like a conductor in an orchestra just lifting walleye after hefty walleye into the boat…

Most of our walleye action was finding moving water…like at “the narrows” on orange or orange chartreuse 1/4 to 3/8 oz jigs (Road Runners with spinners were a killer). Find them in the 17 to 20 foot holes, and dont be afraid to search up and down the narrows area…you will be rewarded…Also throw a FireTiger Cyclops Spoon in the turbulent water and you may pick up a 30+ Pike or 3…Trolling a medium, (10′ or so), diving plug like a Rapala Fat Rap, (Pearl or Walleye color), picked up some nice 30’s and 2-40’s. I also got a couple jigging larger plastic swim baits in the middle of the channel using 3/8 to 1/2 oz orange and walleye or firetiger colored 5″ jigging swimbaits…

There was also a great walleye spot just south of the narrows…around the corner west then south about 1/4 mile, to another moving water skinny down area on the right…Fish the 17 to 20 foot depths with the same colors as above…water does not move as fast through this spot so 1/4 oz is great…

There was a nice moving water inlet stream all the way in the back of McKinley Bay, (carefull, rocks and shallow in there), that produced some bigger walleyes in the AM and PM. I was using a 5 inch plug like the Smithwick Rogue, and they were hitting it off the rock bounce…Also all the trees down on the right bay when you enter McKinley Bay were good for walleyes off the edges…

Like I said find the moving water, and you find the walleyes, (and some nice pike as well).

The River was a good bet for walleyes as well…find the 3 rocks on the south shore adjacent to the 2nd creek opening on the north shore and your in like flint in all depths…We found multiple shelves coming off the northern side of these rocks, and in the AM and PM near the 3 rocks they were up on the shelf in 10 to 14′, and when not actively feeding, you could still get them off the shelves in 18 to 22′ of water on all the same colors…What a blast

I also got a 45″ northern pike on my Cyclops FireTiger spoon near the mouth of the 1st feeder creek on the north side of the river…Great fight, she ran 4 times and came in clean, measured her, got a couple of excellent pics, and gently released her back into the dark waters, where she swam away healthy and waits for me for my next years trip.

A very special thanks to everyone at the camp, Darlene, Billy, Matt, Colin, Mel, and Yvonne…All of you made this our best fishing adventure yet! I cannot wait till next year!

Dan (Old Fart), Paul, Jimmy, and Brian (Smiley :-)!”

“Everything was fantastic! The fishing was incredible. We caught in excess of 1,500 walleye and several hundred northerns (including a 44″, 41.5″ and 5 in the thirties). The staff were incredible and treated us like kings! From outstanding breakfasts to getting our boats ready, cleaning our fish, happy hour and incredible dinners, THIS PLACE IS PARADISE”


2018: Week 03

At Strikers, the islands and the narrows are still producing quality numbers of walleye. The fish are coming in from the river so don’t discount a trip to the moving water. As for big fish, Striker’s is still is producing quality northern pike and big walleye – both in the Master Class category. Three northern’s over 40 inches were released this week as well as a “good number” of walleye over 30 inches.

– Matt

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