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2019: Report 05

Steve and the group had a great time at Ogoki! Fishing was hot and they enjoyed the different types of fishing that the lake offers–islands, rocky shoals and sand bars!

2019: Report 03

Fishing rocks at Ogoki!

-Even though they were tight lipped about the details, Bill and the crew from Indiana had a blast at Ogoki. Bill said it was the best trip in his 30 year history of visiting. Fishing and weather were amazing!

-Have gone to Ogoki lake 23 out of the last 25 years.  Looking forward to many more.

2018: Week 10

“Well to sum it up, it was one word: Ridiculous!

We love Ogoki, and so have fished the lake about 6 times now. And we don’t know why, but this year the sizes were bumped up a notch!

There were 8 of us there, and we took more of a laid-back approach, not waking up at the crack of dawn, and ending mid-afternoon. And yet, we were landing hundreds of fish a day! We enjoy catching walleye the most, and were blown-away by the sizes reeled in. The average fish was 18-24 inches, with a few 26 inchers as well! The fish seemed to be anywhere from 3-19ft of water. They responded well to a jig and green or white twister tail. We also caught our fair share of northerns!

The wind often picked up late afternoon, but by then we had caught enough to head back to the cabin and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

An incredible trip to say the least.”

-Jeff and friends

2018: Week 06

Bob Funk and Temius Nate at Ogoki Outpost

“I am lucky enough to have fished on Ogoki since I was ten (See photo- Bob Funk and Temius Nate at Ogoki Outpost in 1975). The weather this year was fantastic: warm, lots of sunshine, no rain and the winds manageable every day.  It would be hard to order better weather, but I can’t remember a more challenging year to bring two walleyes back to camp for dinner.  I don’t believe the weather caused the difficulty as the problem wasn’t a lack of fish; each of our three boats netted 50+ walleye a day.  There were many spots where virtually every cast would hook a walleye until all the commotion would draw in a big northern that would bust the school.  Some of those 40+ inch northern got more than they bargained for when the hook of the jig set before the line was cut.  The problem was that virtually all of the walleye were more than 18 inches as most ran 20- 23.  We would actually have to hunt for schools of smaller fish for dinner.  I can only wish for the same “problem” next year.”

Best, Bob

We are so thankful for the support from guests like Bob, who keep coming back year after year!

Below are more photos of Bob and his group!


2018: Week 05

Dan and the boys had a great time at Ogoki Outpost. Their pictures will have to do for now, as we are waiting for the details on their epic adventure! Congrats fellas!

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