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2019: Report 03

We have had at least 3 master angler brook trout caught recently, all caught on fly at Middle Falls, with the largest being over 22 inches. Our first trips in June to the Freestone & Cohen Rivers were successful and produced over 20 beautiful brookies.

The Walleye Mine has been the place to be with most of the walleye averaging between 18-22 inches with white twister tails doing most of the damage, of course when there are plenty of walleye around the big northern pike are close by. We had 2 master angler northerns come in this week, 40.5 and 41 inches, both of these were caught trawling daredevle spoons along the drop off at Caribou Island.

Snake Falls has produced some nice northerns around the mid to high 30s (inches) as well as decent walleye being caught in the eddies alongside the falls.

Ferguson continues to fish well, with both pike and walleye in abundance, just last night a master angler walleye was landed, our 3rdfor the year. A 22 inch whitefish was also landed on fly there.

The deep waters of the narrows (close to shore lunch island) is still fishing well for walleye and northerns. With guests catching a good mixed bag there, twister tails, spoons and rapalas have been doing the best here.

With the water being extremely low for this time of year, the honey hole has dried up a bit, you’re still in with a chance for walleye, but have to work a little harder for them.



-Every year the trip is different. This year we saw two black bears and a cow and two moose calves after the brief Petawanga portage. Trophy walleye two years running at Ferguson Creek. Tons of fun with a 31 inch Northern at a place we have come to call Magic island. He broke off 3 jigs on the south side of the island and then Jay hooked and netted him at the side of the boat to find one of the previous jigs still hooked in his jaw. Don’t know what he was looking for but he sure found us. Just missed rush hour outflow at the honey hole which was just ridiculous last June. Food and staff make the trip relaxing. Rejuvenated cabins with newer firmer mattresses are a wonderful makeover and addition.

-We have done 25 plus different fly in trips over the years in Canada and this year at Minimiska was the best we can ever remember all time! We have already reserved and paid deposit for 2020!!!!!!!

-Great lodge. Terrific staff. Most accommodating.

-Our camp was switched to Miminiska due to ice on lake at Makokibatan. The Camp Personnel were attentive, courteous and always helpful. Cabins were great, food very good and timely. Boats and Motors were top notch and dock hands were always there


2019: Report 02

The sun is shining at Miminiska Lodge and the fish are on! This past week we hosted 2 great groups! Everyone caught loads of walleye each day and were in search of big pike. George K. caught a big pike on a fly; the group loved their trip up the river to Snake Falls. Todd N. from Rothschild, WI had a great time with family, getting into good numbers of both species and catching 3 trophy pike! They caught 2 40” pike and a 44” monster. We had a great time hosting these folks and they feel a little like family as they have been with us many times before. Until next time!







2018: Week 15

Fishing at Mim is still red hot on all three fronts of northern pike, walleye and brook trout.  As this is the last week of brook trout season, we will see brightly coloured fish staging to spawn.  Past catches of sheer numbers of northern pike are indicating they are starting to feed up for winter and this behaviour should ramp up as we head toward the fall of the year. The walleye mine is the hot spot spot of the week, bringing in 4 pike over 40 inches this past week! Wottom Bay saw a nice 28 inch walleye caught and released–in 36 feet of water. Water temperature is steady at 61F. Fish are being caught between 7 and 20 ft.  And the walleye fishing remains stellar on jigs and hot’n’tots.   As the water starts to cool off, you’ll see aquatic vegetation start to die off.  Search out bright green “live” weeds to locate northern pike.  Green weed = increased oxygen – Brown weed = decreased oxygen.  Fish will vacate areas of die off.

Kate and Brian

2018: Week 14

As we move into the latter half the month of August, things at Mim are fishing fantastic. Brookies are getting ready to spawn within a month and will start being defensive of their territories. Consider throwing invasive intruders around structure such as felled trees, boulder fields and cooler water spring inflows. As September approaches, they will be more and more territorial. Northern Pike are continuing to transition from summer patterns into fall feedbag mode. Walleye are eating natural looking offerings in the 10 – 15 foot range of significant structure. As with last week, consider searching sloping structure as well as deeper saddles. Pike are eating suspended minnow baits such as husky jerks, spoons and spinners. Walleye are keying into jigs and twisters, deeper diving jerk baits and crank baits.

Bonus Additon: Our lodge staff have been up all summer, and decided to share their favourite lures. Check out what their go-to is up on Miminiska Lake.

2018: Week 13

From the Lodge: It’s been a classic week here at Mim, with lots of fish being caught and released. Walleye are at the 9-20 ft depth range with some big ones hovering at the 9 foot range this past week. Look for fish relating to sloping structure off reefs and shoals. With the water cooling off now, the pike fishing has heated up in a big way. Consider topwater as these fish are becoming more and more aggressive, looking to strap on the feedbag before the snow flies. Spoons, spooks and jerk baits are hot for pike and jigs and hot n tots are producing great numbers of walleye. Guests have been enjoying the hot days and cool nights! Be sure to bring your sunscreen for the boat and a nice sweater for the fire at night!

From the Guests: The Metelko group had a great time at Miminiska Lodge. Their favorite spot was the rapids above Miminiska Falls. Go-to lures were Johnson Spoons and buzz baits! They noted that the “weather couldn’t have been better and that the service was top-notch”.

2018: Week 12

A wonderful week has just past here at Mim! Once again a long-standing family has returned and departed with fantastically fond memories of Miminiska lodge. Fishing was great,  with a ton of fish released, both walleye and northern pike. Hot spots still remain at the Walleye Mine, western Shore Lunch Island and Wottom Bay.

This week, we had 3 days hosting a truly international event with guests from New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, the US and Canada. This group has enjoyed fantastic walleye fishing and has started to see the fall fishing show itself. As evening temperatures cool, we’re seeing a drop in overall water temperatures with many areas dipping below 70 degrees. This is reiterated in fish activity as the northern pike fishing is picking up. The big fish are starting to activate and on Sunday alone, we saw 2 fish released in the 36” category, one on a hot’n’tot and the other on a texas rigged shallow water plastic. Cooler evening fall temps are coming and the fishing is heating up!

2018: Week 11

Water is warm at Mim with temperatures creeping into the higher 70’s. A bonus phenomenon to help keep walleye and pike shallow is that the annual Mayfly hatch just went off on Miminiska Lake. Walleye can be seen early morning and late evening “sipping” flies off the surface. Whitefish are also in that mix as well, so fly anglers, match size profile and bring a couple of different mayfly patterns to fool the wary deepwater devils on top. Note – fly people, the brook trout fishing is still fantastic on the tributaries of the Albany; however, as discussed with all who are heading in search of brookies, they have now moved from the pools and runs of the entire river to select spots that are spring fed and have significantly cooler water! They are there and will be competing for your offerings!

Many good size pike have been released this past week from our Project Healing Water’s guests as were numerous walleye! Consider Upper Falls, Snake Falls, Walleye Mine and Wottom Bay for these wonderful adversaries.


2018: Week 10

Gone fishing in the Weades, literally! Ronnie and Casey Weade each earned master angler status this past week fishing at Wottom bay and releasing two GIANT northerns! Ronnie reeled in a 43-inch monster and Casey landed a 40-inch pike. Congratulations gentleman!

Water levels seem to have leveled off a bit while temperatures have been a constant 73 degrees around the lake. This has faired well for fly anglers and the use of topwater baits for targeting northen pike in shallow water (when they come up to feed). The walleye haven’t retreated to their deepest haunts. For walleye, jigs tipped with leeches are driving the fish crazy, and for pike, spoons are key. Check out Wottom Bay, Mim Falls and walleye mine for best results coming up this week.

We also had a group of Veterans with Project Healing waters up this past week and with a mix of fly and spin casting they caught and released quite the haul. Stay tuned for details and pictures in next weeks report. For now you can see their smiling faces in the group photo below.

-Kate and Brian


2018: Week 09

Classic mid-summer trends have begun on Miminiska Lake, with fish enjoying the cool deep water. That being said however a guest reeled in a beautiful 39.5″ pike on fly! Brook trout are fishing well, with a recent river trip seeing Dan and Mike releasing 8 fish over 20” of 12 fish caught. Walleye are hitting orange and yellow jigs with white twister tails and the pike are still attacking spoons of a variety of colours. Fish the honey hole, Beaver Island, Walleye Mine and Wottom Bay!

2018: Week 08

Fishing this season at Mim has been off the charts! The fish have been biting all day long, and anglers are having a hard time leaving the lake in the evenings as the bite is on well past 10 pm! Dave released a personal best 22” brook trout this week (don’t think he’ll be heading back to Australia anytime soon!) There has been big pike released in the 40” class and walleye are predictable as ever. Hot spots are Mim Falls, Upper Falls, the Freestone River and of course the Walleye Mine. Water temps are warming up, but fish are still playing along nicely!

– Kate and Brian

2018: Week 07

Mim continues to produce good numbers and trophies of all three species of fish. Northerns are beginning to head to deeper locations as the water temperature creeps into the low 70s. Consider slow rolling spinnerbaits and cranking large lipped stick baits to get a little deeper. Brook trout are still spread out in the tributaries of the Albany and are ravenous on summer terrestrial patterns including grasshoppers, mice and bigger bugs. Walleye are consistently hitting jigs tipped with twister tails. Hot spots this past week are all related to moving water including Ferguson Bay, downstream of Mim Falls and the Walleye Mine. Congrats to Paul Johnson who released a Master Angler, 24” brook trout from the Freestone River this past week! A true fish of a lifetime!


2018: Week 06

Greetings from Mim!

We saw an uncharacteristic spring warm-up where the lake and river temps were much higher than previous years at the same time. However, with recent crisp nights, the temperatures have settled to 68F.

Killer locations this week included Beaver Island, Ferguson Bay, Freestone River outlet and of course the ol’ honey hole. Doug and Diane had a great run and released 50 fish at the hole in just an hour and a half. Top pick lures this week for pike: Jackall Rhythm Wave 4.8, 4″ X-Zone Swammer (swim baits) and Zara Spooks (top water)For walleyes, go traditional with twister tails and jig heads (1/4 and 1/2 oz. orange and white are current hot colors!).  Top fly this week for brook trout was the Chernobyl Ant (pink and brown). This week also saw Austin and Neil catching a 39.5 inch pike while reeling in an 11” walleye! And Aussie Dave landed a sweet 19” brookie at the bottom Freestone! What an experience!

– Brian and Kate

2018: Week 05

Water temps are climbing at Miminiska Lodge this week with some beautifully warm days. Luckily, the nights are remaining relatively cool and reversing the warming trend during the day. The lake is sitting at 68 degrees F. Look for pike in deeper water as the temps get closer to 70F. The Narrows have been fantastic for walleye and pike. Conventional anglers using 3/8 jigs with twister tails are doing well for walleye along with the tried and true Red Devil spoons that are loved by the northerns. Bring along some Zara Spooks as well for evening and morning topwater action!

In addition, the Freestone didn’t disappoint this past week for anglers targeting brook trout on fly. Brookies aren’t shy about taking dry flies now and will smash Moorish mice, hoppers and ants! Angler Brian Porter while on assignment for The Drake Magazine didn’t know the sheer size of the brook trout photographed below (caught and released on the freestone river) until she was in the net. This giant specimen tapped out at 23.5 inches and ate a yellow articulated zoo cougar.

– Kate and Brian

The Kates Group and I had blast up at Miminiska Lodge this past week. Fishing hot spots were the walleye mine, paradise creek and the channel by shore lunch island. Pink or white jigheads with white twister tails were the on-fire lure. Fish were found in cool deep water and in moving water. Highlights of the week included Peter’s trophy catch of a 27inch walleye and an incredible view of a bull moose.

-Guide, Alex

2018: Week 04

Water temps at Mim are starting to warm up, but that hasn’t stopped the spring fishing frenzy. Miminiska is producing solid numbers with all three species being caught and released!

On the northern pike front, Doc and Dave are having a blast releasing multiple fish in the mid-high 30-inch range. Fishing buddies from Atlanta and Montana, Scott and John are exploring different techniques for walleye and finding success all over the lake. Tonna from Wisconsin released a 40” northern in Curry Bay throwing a black spinnerbait.

River trips for brook trout were off the charts with multiple master angler brook trout released to the rivers. Fly fishing trips to the Cohen, Freestone and newly explored River X saw 2 x 6 lb brookies, 4 x 5 lb fish and a 7 pounder!

The Klosak group, celebrating their 25th year with Wilderness North reported 100 fish days each last week fishing shore lunch island, Honey Hole and Wottom Bay. The fishing was the best they have ever seen! Our conservation policies are paying off!


2018: Week 03

Things at the lodge are up and running with our first guests in-house and picking up right where our staff left off! Water temperatures are hovering in the low-mid 50’s (54 degree average). This warming trend was starting to turn the fish from negative to positive. Until this past Saturday when a cold front moved in. Not to fear, the fishing is still fantastic if you adopt slow-presentation techniques. Ferguson Bay, Wottom Bay and the outlets of the Freestone and Troutfly rivers are hot spots despite the cold weather. (as is the ever-awesome Honey Hole.) Find walleye in 5-7 feet of water and pike still relating to shallow bays. Jackall Rhythm wave 4.8 and the 4 inch X-zone Swammer are the go-to lures this week. Walleye are still eating heartily and have yet to move deep. Big fish of the week came from the Hynds Family with Thomas Sr. Mastering a 40.5 inch pike and Tommy Hynds ever so close to Master Angler with a 39.5 northern.
– Kate

2018: Week 02

Mim is open and anxiously awaiting the first guests of the spring season. While the staff have been working diligently to open camp believe us, they have also been diligently figuring out the spring fishery for incoming guests. They are doing a GREAT job and are able to relay the learnings of the last week and a half to guests coming in. (Safe to say they love their job!)

As per usual, the aptly named “honey hole” is a sure winner. Moving water is the key in these chilly 51 degree f temperatures for walleye! There have been a number of fish released with the big one taping out at 25”. Northerns are still in the shallows, loving this sunny weather. They are attacking red devils, and actually topwater Zara Spooks!!! Tried and true works for the walleye – 1/4 oz jig head with 3” twister tail grubs… go hunting in 5-7 feet of water next week!

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