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2018: Week 15

Last week we gave you a teaser from Mike’s group at D’Alton.

Here is the rest of his group’s info:

Fishing was good at D’Alton Lake, but seemed to taper off later in the week, as weather started to change and a cold front moved in. Water temp was 71 degrees at the beginning of the week and dropped to 66 by the end of the week. We had success with live bait, but also killed it with rubber worms, spoons and crank baits. Our group caught two 26″ walleye, a 27″, a 28″, and a 29″ walleye as well. We caught maybe about 75 fish over 21″ and a lot more medium to small northern pike than I have ever seen on the lake. It was about a 50/50 ratio of Northern to Walleye. We saw some wildlife as well: 2 people in our group saw a moose cross the lake and a couple of guys chased a beaver across the lake. Great trip had by all!

2018: Week 14

Straight out of D’alton. Master Angler Mike (his third of the trip!), caught and released this beaut 29 incher. Congrats!

2018: Week 13

The Brunk group had “excellent fishing” at D’Alton Outpost! They landed tons of walleye with a few in the 23-26inch range. They reported how amazed they were to experience a fishery where there were fish just about everywhere! They caught fish in anywhere from 5-30ft of water, and due to the varied structures throughout the lake, “fish could be caught all over the place!” Scott noted “I probably stopped at about 75 different locations throughout my stay, and caught fish at at least 60 of them!” They even caught a northern trolling the surface in 60ft of water!

Their most productive spot was in the furthest north bay of the lake near a collection of islands where they found drastic depth changes. Nightcrawlers and leeches produced good numbers, along with the classic twister tails.

Wildlife did not disappoint either with many sightings including loons, baby ducks, otters and beavers.

2018: Week 08

From Our Guests:

“We had a wonderful time, everything was great.

Hotspots: Water between 8 to 12 feet (pretty much nothing biting in deeper water)
Lures: Only thing we fished with was jigs and live bait.
Memorable moments: I was fishing with my two daughters and my best friend. As far as fishing it was as good as it always is: big fish, good numbers. Gil was fishing off the dock for northern pike when the wind was up. As he was casting the weed bed he decided to do a figure eight off the end of the dock. (Bang) he caught a 26-inch Walleye!
Hot Tip: fish slow and low.”



2018: Week 05

“We had a fantastic time at D’Alton last week. The base crew did a great job in making sure all our needs were met, and the fishing at D’Alton did not disappoint.

The fish location was a little different than our past trips this time of year, because of the short transition between winter and summer. We found them predominately holding in shallow backwater basins in 4 to 8 feet of water. Our two hot patterns were fishing windblown shorelines when the wind was up, and neck down areas between shallow basins when evening came.

1/16oz to 1/4oz jigs (any color) tipped with a small minnow, white twister tail, or leech were our top producers. Casting white twisters to wind blown shores produced good numbers of fish including a healthy 26 inch master angler walleye. Vertical jigging or even dead-sticking a leach or minnow straight over the side of the boat was our most productive evening presentation. We also did very well using a slip bobber with leech or minnow. Vertical jigging produced two additional 26in walleyes.

Everyone averaged 300 walleyes and at least one walleye over 25 inches.

The highlight of the trip was getting to hang out with “J” for a week. My long time buddy Dale, brought his twelve year old grandson “J” on his first trip to Canada and we all had a blast. I truly think “J” actually out fished us by catching well over 300 fish, and is now hooked on fly-in fishing. “J” also got to experience getting his new passport stamped at the border, a ride in the cockpit of the float plane, captaining a boat, and seeing a fox, bear and several moose. He also became the leader of wanting to get back on the water to catch more fish, and further bonded with his “Grandpa Jelly Belly”. All I can say is that “J” and Dale made a great team and had an experience of a lifetime fishing together. “J” learned a ton of important things from Dale about Canada, the fly-in experience, becoming a better angler, bonding with other fishermen, appreciation for the amazing outdoors, respect for nature, and many other important life lessons. Dale is a fantastic mentor!”

-Chris Clemmons

2018: Week 04

Just a short update for now! But the proof is in the picture. Look at this fat wally! On their first day the Clemmons groups scored 2 master walleye. Chris alone reeled in a pair of 26″ inchers. The group has also had 8- 25″ inchers so far. Best of luck on the rest of your trip boys!

2018: Week 03

“Fantastic fishing, we caught over 300 fish. Largest 40″ pike/me and my son Durham caught a 28 ” walleye. Cooked up our share, small pike is my favorite of the two species. One very big high, saw a cow moose give birth to twins on a tiny island. So much fun.”


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